Remember, the laptop is your responsibility.
 General Rules Guidelines

The following is a list of rules and guidelines you must observe in using your laptop at IHA.

The laptop is your responsibility. NEVER leave your laptop unattended. Keep it with you at all times. On those occasions when it is not prudent to have a laptop with you, (i.e. during Gym class) please lock your laptop in your lockers.

Keep your laptop in your carrying case at all times.

Though the laptop appears to be a sturdy little machine, it can be damaged.

Never stack books or other objects on top of your laptop.

Never leave pens or papers in the laptop on the keyboard when you close the laptop case. This will damage the screen.

Never drop or throw your laptop around.

Make sure that you have a recharged battery each day. Every evening at home, make it a routine to recharge the laptop.

When you do plug in with the AC cord, remember it is there. Laptops can be damaged if you trip over the AC cord.

You may not run MP3 sharing programs (i.e. frostwire) through the school network. You may use these programs at home only.

There is a 100 MB/day limit to the traffic you can generate. This means streaming movies, listening to music or downloading music or video from a website will quickly put you over that limit. You may watch any video or music that is stored on your hard drive since that does not generate network traffic that would slow the system down.

BACK UP! Even though you will probably be saving most of your work to your own C:\ drive, it is important that you periodically save your work to either CDs. a jump drive, memory cards or external hard drive. You may back-up school work on \\Server1\Public Keep your network folder under 100MB.

Periodically, check your hard drive for old files that are taking up space especially old TV shows and videos. Speed up your computer by:
    Don't have oovoo, aim, skype etc start on Windows startup. There are options in each of these programs to have it not start.
    Delete temporary internet files form your browser. Usually under Tools - but method varies with browser and version.
    Hard Drive maintenance - Click Start Programs Accessories System Tools
     Disk Cleanup (removes unnecessary files)
     Disk Defragmenter (organizes your drive to make it faster may take 20 minutes)

If the performance of your laptop deteriorates, save all documents, music, pictures, etc. onto a CD, and ask Mr. Hotz to reimage.  This should take only minutes.

Keep your screen clean and free of fingerprints, stickers, markers, etc.  If it gets dirty, use a soft damp (not wet) cloth to clean it.

Never leave your laptop in a hot or sub-freezing car.  You could seriously damage your display.

Use email wisely. No profanity, harassment or threats. Such behavior is subject to disciplinary action and in some cases legal action.

Read the IHA Network and Internet Use Policy . You and your parent(s) must sign one copy of this and hand this in by the first day of school.