Getting onto the Wireless Network:

If the single blue computer in the lower right task bar does not have a red X, then you should have a valid IP address and be connecting.

If there is a red X, try restarting the laptop.  If the problem continues, here are several steps to try:

1) Double-click the small black computer in the lower right task bar.  This is Think Vantage Access Connections. If the icon is not there, find it in "Start - All Programs - either Think Vantage or Access IBM (depends on image).  Connect to IHA wireless.  If it is not an option, try Find.

2) You can try letting Windows control your wireless instead of IBM. RightClick the Wireless Networking icon (single blue computer in the lower right task bar) - Open Network Connections - RightClick the wireless Connection - Properties - Click the Wireless Network Tab - Check the box to "Use Windows to configure..." . OK.  RightClick the Wireless Networking icon. View available wireless networks - Connect.

3) If it still does not work, try uninstalling your wireless adapter.  RightClick My Computer - Properties - Hardware Tab - Device Manager - DoubleClick Network Adapters - RightClick the wireless Adapter - Uninstall - OK.  Now restart the computer and it should find and reinstall the wireless adapter.  Once it's settled,  RightClick the Wireless Networking icon. View available wireless networks - Connect.

4) If the Internet does not work, check your Proxy Settings.  In IE, under Tools, Internet Options, Connections - LAN settings.  In IHA, the Proxy Server box should be checked with the IP,, or  In any other location, this box should NOT be checked.

5) If the Wireless Networking icon appears without an x, and you are at IHA, you may be banned. Have a friend check the banned list.


 Getting onto the domain:

Take the long road to your folder  - My Network Places Entire Network Microsoft Network IHA Server1

You may be then prompted to identify yourself (getting your "ticket"):  IHA\temp2  - no password. If you click "remember my password" you should not be prompted anymore. 

Once the server allows you through, shortcuts and printers on that server should work.

You can create shortcuts to any Network folder.