Printers and Sharing Files at Home

To see files and printers on other home computers, you may join the same workgroup (MSHome, Default, Smith, etc.) as the other home computers and the files and printers must be shared on those home desktops.

Join the workgroup by right clicking My Computer - Computer Name - Change - Type in workgroup name.  No account or password is needed - just press OK. 


To enable sharing on the home computer (desktop) -
    RightClick My Network Places - Properties - Right Click the adapter - Properties - Click Box for File and Print Sharing - OK
Do NOT enable sharing on your laptop as you may be sharing with the school while at IHA.

If your home desktop is sharing its wired printer, you CAN print to it wirelessly - you do not need a wireless printer.


To share the printer,  rightclick the printer - click sharing. 

If the home computer's name is SusiesDesktop and its shared printer is named HP123, type \\SusiesDesktop\HP123 in the address field of explorer.  It should connect to the printer and install the drivers within 10 seconds.  You may need to install the drivers with CD/DVD/Online Installation if your laptop is not familiar with that printer model.

Once your laptop installs the printer, it should always be available when you are home.

To transfer just a few files between computers, it may be easier to email yourself with the files attached and download them on the other computer.

You SHOULD rejoin the IHA Domain (workgroup) at school. It suffices to change the workgroup name to IHA and restart.