Purchasing Laptop Accessories


The Battery that came with your laptop has a 1 year warranty (Class of 14 - 3 year warranty) against defects.  The average lifespan of about 1.5 years.  Usually battery life decreases to the point where it becomes necessary to buy a second battery.  Your older battery can then be carried and used for emergencies. If the battery is under Warranty and your laptop indicates that it is faulty, Lenovo should cover the replacement.  

You can change your settings to increase battery life. Clicking the battery (Power Manager) gives you options.  (They vary by machine). If you insist on disabling shutoff times and run lots of programs in the background, your battery will deteriorate VERY quickly.

The links below will take you directly to online vendors to purchase a replacement.  You may be able to find better prices elsewhere although most stores will not stock these batteries. These links are for your convenience.  IHA does not endorse any brand/company and have no preference or advice.

MAC batteries must be exchanged by an Apple Service Repair technician.


Class of 2011, 2012 T61 (battery model 42T5262)    and    Class of 2013 T400(battery model 42T4653 or 42T4677). 
T61 and T400  batteries are compatible.


Most compatible batteries seem fine.


 Generic BattDepot.com under $40


T410    Class of 2014     model 42T4819

T400    Class of 2013    model 42T4653 or 42T4677

T61   Class of 2012 or 2011    battery model 42T5262


Generic T61 List of Retailers (about $50)


$149 Original Lenovo


Save your receipt for replacement in case of malfunction.


Power Adapter

The Power Adapter is covered by the 4-year warranty.  Care should be taken not to bend the cable at the point where it meets enters the laptop.  Also do not leave the adapter connected to the back while transporting the laptop.  The pin may break, wire may fray and battery life may be reduced.

If the adapter or power cord ceases to supply power, Lenovo will replace it for free.  Bring it in to Mr. Hotz.

If you have lost the adapter,  IHA (or Mr. Hotz) can sell you a new adapter for $40.

If you have lost the short wire that connects the adapter to the wall, IHA sells replacements for $3.

For other accessories use the IBM shop.

It may be possible to find more inexpensive products by searching the Internet but beware that some products may be refurbished.


Laptops MUST be encased in an INFOCASE sturdy case.  Failure to do so voids all IHA support and may void direct IBM support.  Replacement Velcro strips and plastic corner flaps are available free of charge in room 121. There is a lifetime warranty against maunfacturing defects (contact the company). 

Replacement cases can be purchased directly from INFOCASE or directly from Mr. Hotz.

Exo_L Dual Pocket Case $79.95

Shoulder Strap $9.95

Blank CDs and DVDs

New R/W blank CDs are available in room 121 for 25 cents.  Blank DVDs are $1.