Classroom Procedures


Arrive to class on time with the proper materials and be ready to work.


All assignments are due on time.  Make up all missed work as quickly as possible.


Bring Journals in every day.  All notes should be taken in your journal.


Please do not leave handouts in journals. Put all handouts in 2 pocket folders.


Place all supplies back into the proper place and be respectful of your classroom and classmates.    


Sign out and return borrowed supplies. A list is on the bulletin     board.


Be proactive and participate in classroom critiques.


Refrain from calling out in class and talking while a classmate or the teacher is talking. 


No Visual and Intellectual Plagiarism.


Keep track of work for quarterly and semester reviews.


Refrain from eating and drinking during class.


Work quietly during studio time.


Earn NAHS Points.  In spare moments, help around the room by cleaning, organizing cabinets, drawers and supplies and earn hours.  Ask Mrs. Encke and Mrs. Proscia what you can do.


Wear uniform properly.


Please understand that an infraction of any school regulation may result in a detention.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns please e-mail at:

Most of all, be creative and have fun!



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