At the beginning of summer read the composition online link shown below. These tips are here to improve your composition and give you some different ideas.  Whether you are experienced or novice you will benefit from the reading.

10 Top Photography Composition Rules


After carefully reading the link,
   2.1.  This summer take photographs that reflect your understanding of the reading and application of the composition rules. THINK ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHS YOU TAKE BEFORE TAKING THEM.
   2.2.  Your subject matter is open to anything you find that is interesting. It can be around home, on vacation, they can be pictures of people, animals, scenes.  AVOID MAKING 6 PHOTOS OF THE SAME THING UNLESS YOU ARE DOING A SERIES.  Avoid too many sunsets.  They are often considered uncomplimentary, trite and "pretty" by photographic artists. 
   2.3.  Your first grade in Digital Photography will be a burned CD ROM containing 36 of your BEST summer images only in the jpeg format. Do not format your images in TIFF,  RAW or any other format.  Take a lot more than 36 so that you can submit your best shots.



DO NOT WAIT TO DO THE ASSIGNMENT DURING THE LAST DAYS BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.  Last minute photography is a disaster, is boring, and reflects lack of thought in the rush to get it done.  Whether your class meets first or second semester, summer photographic assignment work is due on the first day of your digi photo class, whether it is first or second semester, that we meet  on a CD.  They must reflect summer, not winter or another season and are to be new, not old.  Old work detected will be heavily downgraded.  They will also be collected on that day and graded as your first grade of the marking period. The grade will be how much you picked up from the reading and how well you applied what you've read.

Good luck!  If you need help you can contact me at:

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