EVERY PHOTO PRINTED FOR EACH ASSIGNMENT MUST BE RESIZED TO 2" X 3" (vertical) OR 3" X 2" (horizontal) AND SAVED IN A SEPARATE FOLDER.  Number them according to the assignment number. 

1.)  Take photos of work and carefully crop in the camera and in Photoshop (PS) if needed.

2.) Copy all images onto a folder on your hard drive or public folder into a folder with your name on it and the name of your course, i.e., “A Taylor Digi Photo Gallery.”  Once images are in the folder open all photos and check to:

2.1.) Make certain WHITE HUES are paper WHITE: In Photoshop (PS) open the image and go to “Ctrl M” on the keyboard.  Make one point on the line and move it up or down to whiten the image.  OR after opening the image use “Auto Contrast” also works although it is far less sensitive.   On CS3 in located under Image/Adjustments.  In CS4 is it located under Image.

2.2) RESIZE IMAGES:  In the top menu go to:  FILE/OPEN and find images.  Next, go to the top PS menu and go to IMAGE/IMAGE SIZE:  DOCUMENT SIZE/WIDTH 2” or HEIGHT 2’, which ever is larger.  RESOLUTION/150 pixels/inch/ check off SCALE STYLES, CONSTRAIN PROPORTIONS, and under RESAMPLE IMAGE/Bicubic Sharper.  Click OK.

2.3.)  SAVE EACH IMAGE as jpeg or jpg only.  Hit REPLACE if you do not change the name.

2.4.)  MAKE A DUPLICATE set of all images in a separate folder.

3.) Open up Microsoft Front Page on your laptop under Start/All Programs.  Open Front Page.  Go to File/New/Page/ and course name index.  Save the file to your file containing your images.  EVERYTHING MUST BE IN THE SAME FILE!      


4.) Design a web page highlighting at least (minimum) images:

          4.1.)   Digital Photography: 18 jpg mages/IHA only


5.) To EMBED OR INSERT A PHOTO OR follow these instructions.  DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IMAGES OR THEY WILL NOT SHOW UP ON THE WEB SITE.  Images must be embedded, not copied.

          5.1.)  On the Front Page blank page, create a table in which you can place your images.

          5.2.) Make a copy of all your images. Use the copies for the web site.  Keep the originals in their original sizes, should they be needed later or should there be an accident and you lose them.

5.3.) Insert a picture from Insert File in top menu.

5.4.) Right Click on photo. Go to Picture Properties.

5.5.) With each image, change pixels to approximately 500x 300 formats.  If they are larger it will take years to download.    All images need to be in the JPG or jpeg format.   

5.6.)  Be creative with the negative space, colors or textures.

5.7.)  Make sure you use your FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL  and you may give your work a TITLE.

5.8.)  Each image requires a title with “Untitled” or the title, i.e., “Perseverance” in quotes.     

5.9.)   Be creative with written inventories or descriptions of each of your works of art.  Use SPELL CHECK.   

5.10.) When you SAVE your page, Front Page will ask if you want to embed these images. Click YES. Everything will stay where you put it.  Sometimes it does not say it.  You can check again in 8.) below to see if it worked.

6.) Use Fonts FOUND ONLY in Microsoft Front Page. Do not import fonts into the program as it will not recognize different fonts once the work is put out on the web.  If a viewer does not have the font you use, it cannot be read the way it was designed.

7.) Keep the folder with all of your images and page for your web gallery on your computer.  When finished with your EXAM PRESENTATION transfer to the appropriate course and semester or year FINAL EXAM FOLDER on MY NETWORK PLACES/TEACH FOLDERS on Server 1/Proscia. 

8.)  To CHECK if photos are properly embedded, open it up in the TEACH FOLDER to see if it looks correct.  You are responsible for having a PERFECT WEB GALLERY.

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