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1 ) Apple - Macbook Pros have no BIOS battery. Therefore

the unit will beep if main battery is dead.
unit must be reimaged if main battery goes dead.
the main battery cannot be charged in Europe.
if main battery goes dead, time is reset to Jan 1st in some distant year

2 ) Apple - If secure websites cannot be acessed in any browser

replace the RAM
erase the hard drive
check the time and date of the laptop
restart the laptop in Safe Mode

3 ) ) Which IHA laptops have USB ports?

Only Lenovo
Neither laptop
Only Apple
Both Lenovo and Apple

4 ) Apple - To boot a MacBookPro from a source other than the HDD

press T as you turn it on
hold shift-control-power for 15 seconds
press control-option-esc
press option as you turn it on

5 ) MS - To find what folders contain most of your data

use Disk Data
use Malware Bytes
defragment your HDD
check Control Panel

6 ) The Simple Golden Rule to fix most software issues is

Replace the HDD with a bigger HDD
Try running the laptop on battery
Buy new RAM
Restart the computer

7 ) ) Which IHA laptops have Thunderbolt ports?

Only Lenovo
Both Lenovo and Apple
Neither laptop
Only Apple

8 ) Apple - The MBP does not boot and repeats pattern of 3 beeps

RAM may be loose - reseat the RAM
swap HDD with a Loaner
boot in safe mode
remove the battery and try booting

9 ) Apple - to enter Recovery mode on MacBook Air

press T as laptop starts
disconnect the battery
hold command and R (or Option key) as laptop starts
reseat the RAM

10 ) Apple - The current IP address can be found

in System Preferences - Network
written on the back of the MBP case
by clicking the Apple top left - About this Mac
hovering over the Wireless icon - top bar

11 ) Apple - To find the condition of the Battery on a MacBook Pro

System Preferences - Desktop & Screen Saver
Click the Apple -About this Mac - System Report
System Preferences - Displays
There is no way to check it.

12 ) Apple - To force quit an application you can

press option as you turn it on
press T as you turn it on
hold shift-control-power for 15 seconds
press command-option-esc

13 ) Apple - Disk Utility can be found in

System Preferences - Sharing
System Preferences - Network
Applications - Utilities
student - Documents

14 ) Apple - To repair an application that is broken, you can

disconnect from wireless
delete the plist file in User Library & restart
erase the hard drive
install spyware

15 ) Apple - To view files on a MBP HDD in Target mode

press control-option-esc
use Disk Utility
press T as you turn it on
press option as you turn it on

16 ) ) Apple - To remove keyboard from MacBookPro

Remove 10 screws. Lift off back case. Lift off kyb
Keyboard cannot be removed.
Remove trap door, then 1 screw, pry keyboard up.
Remove 5 screws. Lift off bezel. Lift off keyboard

17 ) MS - Unit will not connect wirelessly to any network.

All other 3 choices are possible.
Wireless drivers corrupt. Reinstall drivers.
Wireless on/off swicth below keyboard turned off.
Wireless adapter is defective. Replace.

18 ) Apple - What type of screwdriver is needed to remove backcase from MacBook Air?

torx 6

19 ) MS - The BIOS battery in Lenovo laptops

powers the wireless card,
keeps track of time when main battery is removed.
will power laptop if main battery is dead.
serves no purpose since year 2000.

20 ) Apple - Memory size, Processor Speed and OS version can be found

the Library folder
in System Preferences - Sharing
by clicking the Apple top left - About this Mac
in System Preferences - General

21 ) Which IHA laptops have solid state hard drives?

All Lenovos
Freshmen Sophomores and Juniors

22 ) MS - To limit what programs start when Windows starts

use Malware Bytes
use msconfig
use Disk Data
use Windows Update

23 ) MS - To delete and reinstall drivers for some devices

use Windows Update
use Malware Bytes
use Device Manager (My Computer Properties)
use msconfig

24 ) Apple - The latest Mac OS released is called

OS X - Snow Leopard
OS X - Mountain Lion
OS X - Sierra

25 ) Apple - To reset PRAM (aka NVRAM) when laptop acting funny, turn it off and..

hold down Option Command P and R as you press power
shake the laptop
press option as you turn it on
press T as laptop starts

26 ) Which IHA Apple laptops have DVD drives?

None of them
All except Sophomores
Seniors and Teachers
All laptops

27 ) MS - The The latest Windows OS is

Windows XP
Windows 10

28 ) Apple - What type of screwdriver is needed to remove battery from Senior MacBook Pro?

Torx 6

29 ) What is a spudger?

a hacker who doesn't care about others
a sponge for cleaning up spills around laptops
anti-static plastic tool for connecting electronic components
the connection on a laptop battery

30 ) MS - Unit shuts off whenever unit is lightly bounced.

Laptop is infected with virus.
Battery may be loose or bad connection on MB
HDD has corrupt files.
BIOS battery set at wrong time.

31 ) MS - To remove spyware and viruses

use Disk Data
defragment your HDD
use MalwareBytes
use Windows Update

32 ) Apple - To repair errors on the Hard Drive, use

System Preferences
Disk Utility
Network Utility

33 ) No sound is coming from the speaker. Which will NOT help solve the problem

Try using external headphones or speakers.
Check volume control and mute in sound controls.
Plug in a charger instead of using battery.
Produce sounds with application other than iTunes

34 ) MS - Windows will not start. Black text saying win32.dll corrupt.

Swap RAM with another machine
Windows files corrupt. Reimage. Copy docs to new drive
Replace Keyboard.
Reinstall Microsoft Word.

35 ) To fix problems or speed up any browser on any OS

boot in Safe Mode
clear your browser's cache (visited webpages)
use Virus Protection
use System Update

36 ) Apple - To reset the SMC (default voltage of the power module)

press option as you turn it on
press T as you turn it on
press power button 10 times quickly
hold down shift-control-option and the power button for 10 seconds, then restart

37 ) MS - To improve response time on a slow HDD

use Malware Bytes
boot in Safe Mode
run a Disk Defragmenter
use Windows Update