Broadcast Journalism

                                                       Definition: A casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing.


Broadcast Journalism is broken into two parts:

Film Editing...............Mrs. Brodeur

Television Studio.........Mrs. Mongelli



Current Homework:

Next  Two Projects

Due:  News show, Dec. 8th to Dec 17th.

Documentary, Dec. 16th.



         You will produce and anchor your own show.

            It will include:

            2 anchors with three news stories each

            1 reporter to introduce your existing documentary

1 reporter to work a live segment. This may include a cooking segment, a craft segment, an interview or a decorating segment.

This means you need 4 people in total.


As the producer, you will “hire” the crew and direct the timing of the show as well as the positioning of the segments.

The show should run approx. 8 to 12 minutes.

Grading will be based on writing and editing, as well as on-air presentation.



Meanwhile, the non-studio group will be working on a news documentary. 


Suggested topics:


Homeless shelter

Autism Awareness

Food Pantry

Financial Cut-backs in schools

Animal Shelters

New Political Policies

Spotlight a student who is doing something extraordinary

Spotlight a new business or a community project.


Again, we will be looking for an intelligent, cohesive storyline, good interviews with experts or qualified persons, well positioned camera angles, usable cut-away footage, and better Final Cut Pro usage.