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English II:  Mrs. Pecora                                                                                    Blake worksheet


When a form of literature has accompanying illustrations, you can use the visuals as a key to meaning by studying the details of the illustrations and thinking about how they support or add to the selection.  Blake’s vivid illustrations accompany both “The Lamb” and “The Tyger”.  Look closely at the details of these illustrations and identify clues about Blake’s meaning.


What the Illustrations Add to the Meaning

“The Lamb”






“The Tyger”







A symbol is something that has meaning in and of itself, but also stands for something greater.  For each of the symbols from Blake’s poetry, identify the meaning:










Critical Thinking:

1.  How would you sum up the characteristics of the lamb?


2.  What are the characteristics of the creator of the lamb?


3.  What kind of creature does Blake portray the tiger to be?


4.  Do “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” effectively cover the extremes of the human spirit?