A diamante poem is a form of poetry named for its physical appearance.  Because the end result on paper resembles the shape of a diamond, the poem was named “diamante”, the Italian word for diamond.  The poem is 7 lines and must include a title that is different from the first line of the poem.

1.      Choose 2 characters from Romeo and Juliet.

2.      Brainstorm qualities of each character.

3.      Write a diamante for each character.

4.      Compose your poem following the format.

5.      Incorporate literary devices such as alliteration, simile, metaphor, rhyme.

6.      Title your poem.

7.      Place your full heading on your typed final draft (remember to use Times New Roman size 12).




Character’s name

2 adjectives that describe the character

3 action words ending in “-ing”

A 4-6 word phrase that captures a character trait

3 action words ending in “-ing”

2 adjectives that describe the character

A strong 1-word synonym for the character


Ruthless Instigator


sly, impatient

whining, watching, waiting

like a hawk stalking its prey

taunting, teasing, tormenting

disrespectful, insolent