English II:  Mrs. Pecora


ASSIGNMENT:  Write a 2/4 essay where you analyze one of the following characters

·         Victor Frankenstein

·         The Creature

·         Elizabeth

Step 1:  Choose your character

Step 2:  Create a thesis statement

Step 3:  Decide upon your 2 proofs/examples to support your thesis

Step 4:  Choose your quotes to further illustrate your point.

Step 5:  Outline your essay

Step 6:  Compose Introduction

Step 7:  Write 2 body paragraphs

Step 8:  Conclusion


Keep in Mind:


Your final essay should be a polished, proofread 4-paragraph essay.  Be sure to fully develop your paragraphs, incorporate quotes and include specific examples.  Cite your quotes by enclosing the quoted line(s) in quotations and providing the appropriate citation (Shelley p#).  See for further assistance if you need it.  Additionally, the writing center is also available to you.