Objective:  To compose a 5-paragraph analytical essay on Romeo and Juliet and follow all formal writing standards.


Step 1:  Choose your thesis.

Step 2:  Compose an organizing statement with 3 proofs that sufficiently support your position.

Step 3:  Complete graphic organizer for introductory paragraph.

Step 4:  Write your introductory paragraph.

Step 5:  Submit both your graphic organizer and 1st draft of your introduction to Mrs. Pecora.
                        Blue class due Thursday, April 14 - email intro to me or hand me printed copy
                        Purple and Orange classes due Friday, April 15
*****If you are absent on your due date, please email me your introductory paragraph.  Failure to do so will not only result in a 5 point reduction of your grade, but also deprive you of valuable feedback.

Step 6:  Thoroughly complete graphic organizer for body paragraphs.

Step 7:  Write your body paragraphs.

Step 8:  Complete graphic organizer for conclusion.

Step 9:  Write your conclusion.

Step 10:  Proofread essay for grammar, spelling, accurate format, coherency, transitions.