Chapter 3

1. What kind of help did Olan want for the birth of her first child?

2. Why do you think Olan wanted no help from the House of Hwang?

3. What goal does Olan have after giving birth to her first-born?

4. Why was Wang Lung shocked at Olanís goals?

5. What did men do at the tea houses?

6. What did Wang Lung do to celebrate the birth of his son?


Chapter 4

1. Why does Wang Lung go into the village in this chapter?

2. What was the superstition of being too fortunate?

3. When Olan returned to the fields shortly after the baby was born, what did she do with him?

4. What kind of year did Olan and Wang Lung have?

5. Describe Wang Lungís uncle.

6. What do noodles symbolize?

7. Why didnít Wang Lung and Olan go visiting very often?

8. What did Wang Lung do with his extra silver?


Chapter 5

1. What did Wang Lung do for good luck for the new year?

2. How did Wang Lung and Olan celebrate Chinese New Year?

3. Why didnít Olan think they should eat the decorative cakes?

4. How is vanity starting to show itself in this chapter?

5. Describe the differences in the two visits Wang Lung made to the House of Hwang.

6. What did Olan glean from her meeting with the Old Mistress?

7. On the way home and to avert bad luck, what did Wang Lung do?

8. What great idea does Wang Lung get on the way home from the House of Hwang?