Chapter 8

1. What is beginning to happen to Wang Lung’s good fortune and why?

2. When did Wang Lung sell his grain this harvest-time?

3. Which field did the best?

4. What big step did Wang Lung decide to take in this chapter regarding land?

5. What are some of the lusts of the people in the House of Hwang?

6. What did Olan tell Wang Lung about the girl-child?

7. Since food is scarce, the ox must be butchered, but why can’t Wang Lung do it?

8. What is Wang Lung’s only source of comfort?


Chapter 9

1. Why is Wang Lung now cursing the gods?

2. What does Wang Lung feel for his “fool girl”?

3. Who was fed first if there was any food to be had?

4. What news does Ching have from the village?

5. Where does Wang Lung decide to take his family?

6. What did Ching give to Wang Lung’s family?

7. What does Olan do with her most recent newborn?

8. What was Wang Lung’s encounter when he buried the baby?

9. When Wang Lung saw his uncle again, how did he look?

10. What proposition did Wang Lung’s uncle have for him?


Chapter 10

1. How were Wang Lung and family doing on the beginning of their journey?

2. What is a firewagon?

3. How did Wang Lung get his silver?