Chapter 13

1. What was the grandfather doing these days?

2. In order to get money to get back to their land, what does Olan propose to do?

3. Why can’t Wang Lung go along with this proposal?

4. What does Wang Lung say about the rich man on the other side of the wall?


Chapter 14

1. What is the difference between how Wang Lung thinks and how the other men around him think?

2. How does Wang Lung refer to the men around him?

3. How do the men respond to Wang Lung?

4. Who was the foreigner that Wang Lung picks up in his ricksha?

5. What did he give to Wang Lung and how do Wang Lung and his father interpret it?

6. What is the second picture he sees, and what does it represent?

7. How does Wang Lung show his simple nature by something he asks?

8. What did Wang Lung use the paper for and what could that represent?

9. What are the mysterious happenings that Wang Lung witnesses and what did they mean?

10. What did Wang Lung do when he saw these things happening?

11. What was the biggest reason that Wang Lung was scared?

12. What was Wang Lung tempted to do to leave this evil city?

13. How did Wang Lung change his work behavior?

14. What were the rich people starting to do now?

15. What changes Wang Lung’s mind about selling the “little fool”?

16. What happens at the great rich man’s house?

17. What was Wang Lung’s reaction to what was going on?

18. Could you really call what he did stealing? Why or why not?


Chapter 15

1. What did Wang Lung buy before he left the south?

2. What was Wang Lung’s approach when buying the ox?

3. What is the first sign that Wang Lung is acting that of a rich man?

4. What was the condition of their house?

5. Who had lived in Wang Lung’s house over the winter?

6. How had Ching changed?

7. What happened to Wang Lung’s uncle?

8. What’s wrong with Olan at the end of the chapter?


Chapter 16

1. What does Wang Lung discover that Olan has?

2. How did Olan know where to find them?

3. Which ones did she decide to keep?

4. How has the House of Hwang changed?

5. Who is now really in charge of the House of Hwang?

6. Why did Wang Lung have a hard to doing business with this person?


Chapter 17

1. Who did Wang Lung hire to help him with all his new acquired land?

2. Why wouldn’t Wang Lung let Olan work in the fields anymore?

3. What did Olan give birth to this time?

4. What were some other changes on the farm?

5. After the end of the fifth year, what was Wang Lung doing, and why is this ironic?

6. What are some of the implications of Wang Lung’s new duties?

7. Why would Wang Lung become embarrassed when doing business dealing?

8. Because of this embarrassment, what does he decide to do with his two boys?

9. What could be the real or underlying reason he makes this decision?