Questions for The Odyssey Part I:  "The Cyclops"

Before answering these questions, be sure you have gone to the timeless myths link on the English I web page and read about the Lotus-Eaters.

1.  The description of the Cyclops reveals what the ancient Greeks regarded as the benefits of civilization.  What in your opinion are the benefits of civilization?

2.  Odysseus makes a speech to the Cyclops on lines 204-216.  What can be learned about conduct and respect for the gods from Odysseus' speech?

3.  Why does Odysseus lie to the Cyclops about the condition and whereabouts of his ship?

4.  What heroic qualities does Odysseus reveal as he plots against the Cyclops?

5.  What human weaknesses does Odysseus' behavior reveal?

6.  In many cultures boasting is considered rude or bad behavior, however, among the early Greeks and Romans boasting is considered proof of the heroic deeds one has accomplished.  How is Odysseus' boasting perceived?

7.  What admirable qualities does Odysseus show in what he does with the stolen sheep?

8.  How do Odysseus and his companions ultimately escape from the Cyclops?