PART I:  Author Descriptions - Matching - from Power Points

PART II:  Multiple Choice
                Robert Browning - My Last Duchess - dramatic monologue
                                               Love Among the Ruins - (similar to Ozymandias)
                Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Sonnet 43
                Lord Alfred Tennyson - Lady of Shallot - Arthurian romantic poetry
                Matthew Arnold - Dover Beach - pathetic fallacy
                Charles Dickens - Hard Times - social criticism on education; serial writing
                Emily Bronte - Remembrance - individual growth
                Charlotte Bronte - from Jane Eyre - (chapter 6); social criticism of education; drew upon personal experience

                Victorian Notes and Victorian Characteristics of poetry (linked to English II homepage)
                        ***influence of Darwin's Origin of Species; importance of First Reform Bill; overall impact of industrialization; child labor

PART III:  Mini essay - familiarize yourself with one of the authors that you did NOT present.