Spirituality & Literature Syllabus

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Every happening great or small is a parable whereby God speak to us, the art of Life is to get the message.

Malcom Muggeride

COURSE:  Spirituality and Literature

This course will explore the practice of reflecting and entering into the events of our lives to become aware of God’s presence, using various pieces of literature as the vehicle for this exploration.  Some examples of the reading will be Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”, the works of St. Exupery and Flannery O’Connor.  Christian writers such as Henri Nouwen, Annie Dillard, Jessica Powers and Joan Chittister will also be discussed. Journal writing is an integral part of the course.

Materials Used:

    The God of Surprises - Gerard W. Hughes, SJ

    Les Miserables – Victor Hugo

   The Little Prince - St. Exupery

    Everything That Rises Must Converge - Flannery O’Connor     

    The Visionary Christian – C. S. Lewis

    East of Eden - John Steinback

Materials Needed:

A journal, a notebook, readings and an open heart and mind every day.

Means of Assessment:

1.  You will be writing in your journal every day.  I will collect the journals every three weeks.  I will be looking for an awareness of the materials that are read and discussed in the classroom.  Since this is subjective, I will be making comments in your journal and ask you to consider them for the next three weeks.

2.  You will be contributing to the class discussion.  In order for you to do this, you must read the material.  The reading is on going and is not necessarily confined to the text, but will include outside reading material.  Since this class is taught in seminar style, participation will be 1/3 of your grade.  This will be further explained in class.

3.  There will be four reflection papers.  Since this is a semester course there will be one due at the end of each three week period. The topics of these papers will be given in class in sufficient time to have the paper in on time.  Specific dates will be decided in class that will mutually agree upon.

4.  There will be notes given in class that are considered “testable” material. There will be one test in the 3rd quarter. These notes along with notes taken in class discussion will be the major portion of your Exam grade.

5.      You are responsible for getting assignments from classmates when you are absent.  This includes any handouts.  I will post assignments on-line.

Grading System:

I will be using letter grades on papers and journal material.  Please refer to your Handbook, page 18, for the numerical range. 

Any paper that is not in on time will be dropped a ˝ letter grade.  If you are absent please email me and send an attachment with your paper.  Ex.  A to A-

This refers to the journal entries as well. You must have papers and journals in class on the days assigned, not at the end of the day.


I encourage you to read the section on Plagiarism on page 30 of you Handbook.  I hold you responsible for any material that you hand in with your name on it. Make sure if you are using on-line references you know how to reference them in your paper. If you have any questions regarding this statement, I will clarify it in class and give a further explanation on personal inquiry if this is not clear. 

Office Hours:

 I am in my office before school and after school.  Please do not come at Locker Break or Lunch, unless you have made an appointment. It gets a little crazy at that time of day. I am after school everyday until 3:00 p.m.  Please do not hesitate to come in and discuss any material in the course or any other questions that you may have regarding the class.  If you email me, know that I do not check my email after 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. It's best to check out questions in class or in school.

And so let us begin the journey!