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Week of April 18th

"F" April 18th

Discussion:  The characters of Sheppard and Norton

"A" April 19th

Discussion:  Effect of "religion" in our daily lives, i.e. Johnson and his effect on Norton

Concept of grace and redemption in the characters

No classes on Wed.  Paper and journal are due in my office by the end of the day.

Have a Happy Easter and a wonderful break!


Week of April 11th

"A" April 11th

View:  Finish"Wall-ee"

Discussion of the importance of community and connection

Paper Due:  April 20th

"C" April 13th

Introd.  Flannery O'Connor:  background as a "catholic, southern writer"

"E" April 15th

Study:  Info. Commons:  Read "The Lame Shall Enter First" use guide questions

Week of April 4th

"C" April 5

Discussion: The Little Prince, Chapters 5,6,7,8 Using guide questions

"E" April 6

Discussion: The Little Prince, Chapters 9,10  Using Guide questions

"F" April 7

Discussion: The Little Prince  Chapter 17 to 26:  Be aware of the the folowing characters: Snake, the Fox, the Roses in the garden

Start the DVD:  "Wall-ee"

Hmk.  Reflection Paper:  Due April 15th


Week of March 28th

"C" March 28th

Chapter 2:  Draw me a Sheep

Themes of The Little Prince

Handout:  Guide questions for chapters 5,6,7,8

"E" March 30th

Discussion of the Baobab Trees:  Scriptural references to "good seed"  "bad seed"

"F" March 31st

Chapter 7:  A discussion of thorns and flowers

"A" April 1st

 Chapter 8:  A matter of trust

Hmk.  Handout Chapters 9,10


Week of March 21st

"E" Day March 22nd

Finish discussion of the Prodigal Son Chapter 2

Handout:  Chapter 5 The Elder Son

Hmk. Reflection Paper on Prodigal Son - Due Date:  March 28, Monday

"F" Day March 23rd

Finish Chapter 5:  The Elder Son

Hmwk.  Bring in copy of The Little Prince

Start the beginning of the story:  A Budding Artist

"A" Day March 24th

Background of St. Exupery

Oral reading of the opening of the story:  Drawing of a boa constrictor


Week of March 14th

"C" Day March 14th

Essay:  The Vulnerable God - Nouwen

Concept of Forgiveness

"E" Day March 15th

Review for Test

Finish Discussion on Essay:  discussion on the concept of a "vulnerable" God

Review Rembrandt's portrait of image of the Father

"A" March 16th

Test on Les Miserables

"C" Day March 18th

The Prodigal Son - Chapter 2

Overview of the Portrait of the Prodigal Son

Background of the culture of the time in which the Gospel Story was set


Week of March 7th to March 12th

"A" Day March 7th

Explore the character of Fontine.

Decision making and choices she made.

Background material:   Book 3: The Descent, "I Dreamed a Dream" The DVD

Hmk. Read the Descent concentrate on Javert's understanding of a moral code. Go over the lyrics from "Stars"

"C" Day March 9th

Discussion of Javert's moral decision making process.  Letter of the law vs. Spirit of the Law

Hmk. Essay on the concept of forgiveness of self and others; vis a vis Javert.  Bring to class for discussion on Friday

"E" March 11th

Discussion:  How to we view forgiveness and the idea of telling someone we are sorry.  What are some of the tenets that go into forgiving someone?  Does it necessarily mean the relationship goes back the way it was before the act was committed?

Hmk.  Paper due March 14th,  hand into Guidance:

         Test on March 16th:  Von Hugel's Stages of development as seen in Clearing the Approaches, class discussion and notes on Fontine and Javert's understanding of living a good moral life.


Week of Feb. 28th to March 4th

"C" Day March 1st

Discussion of Val Jean and Javert:  Evil adversary or common ground

Background of both men from birth and situations that effected their growth

Handouts:  Shadow Side, Discussion lead questions

Hmk:  Read Shadow Side for Thurs.

 Bring your agendas to schedule test and paper on Les Miserables

"E" March 3rd

Discussion of Shadow Side of Val Jean, Javert and Fontine

Handout:  Quotes for journaling from Les Miserables

Hmk:  Journals due on Monday, March  7th

"F" March 4th

Finish the DVD of Les Miserables




Week of Feb. 1st to Feb. 4th

"E" Day  Jan. 31

Syllabus:  Overview of course

Discussion:  Spirituality vs. Religion

 Handout:  Joan Chittister, "Called to Question"

 Handout on Definitions of Faith for Journaling

"C" Day  Feb. 4

Discussion of Joan Chittister handout:  How does Religion fit into our lives?

Hmk.  "Clearing the Approaches"  read and start questions at end of essay

"E" Day Feb 8

Concept of underlying moral reasoning:

Steps to making a decision:  object, circumstance, motive

"F" Day Feb. 9

Notes and explanation of the following:

Piaget's stages of cognitive development

Kohlberg's stages of moral development

C. Gilligan's overlaping of a woman's moral decision making

Activity:  Heinz's dilemma:  story is told, discussion of "how" you choose to make your decision

"A" Day Feb. 10

Discussion of "Clearing the Approaches" 

Institutional, Critical, Mystical Phases of religion as explained by Van Huegel

Paper Due:  Feb. 14th


"C" Feb. 14

Listening of Opening Song of Les Miserables - The Worker's Song

Setting the stage for novel and characters

Discussion of "The Preface" of the novel and how it it a timeless story and it's impact on our society today.

"E" Feb. 16

Listening of overture of Les Miserables

Discussion of the initial appearance of Jean Val Jean and his encounters after leaving prison

"A" Feb. 17

Handout:  Two women's views of Val Jean:  the older woman outside of the Church and the Bishop's housekeeper. 

How does the concept of "doors" correspond with New Testament understanding of the symbolism of doors as seen through religious art.

"F" Feb. 18

Listening of "I had a Dream" 

Discussion of Fontine and how she made decisions that effected her daughter's life and eventually Val Jean's life

Explanation of the Web of Relationships