Les sites web utiles


This is a fantastic website that can offer additional help with grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and much more.  You can find many videos, songs, listening clips, news articles, news broadcasts, and many other interesting resources here. 

This is the website for TV 5 Monde, which is a French program where you can watch news, sports, weather, entertainment events, and more.

This is another site that is great for grammar help, exercises, games, songs, and other activities to help improve your French.

This is a good basic English-French and French-English dictionary.  However, always be careful when using an online dictionary, as there are often many different definitions for the same word (just as there are in English).  As long as you have a good idea of what you are looking for, this site can be helpful. 

You can use this site to help with verb conjugation.  Since this site does have a very comprehensive list of tenses, make sure that you know how you wish to use the verb.

This is the French version of Yahoo!.  It is great to use as a search engine in French, or to look at for quick news articles in French.

This is the French version of Google.  Facile.  :)

If you are interested in purchasing books that are written in French, this is an easy way to find popular books that people are reading right now in France.  Also, if you are interested in reading the French version of a book or series that you already enjoy, you can likely find it on this site.

This is the online version of one the major French news publication, Le Monde.

Here is another widely-read French news publication called Le Figaro.


Look for more websites specific to your class on the individual class pages!