Las reglas de la clase de la Señora Daly-Valls

CURSO 2010-2011

·         Grades will consist of: tests 33%, quizzes 33%, and class performance 34% (14% homework assignments, 10% class participation, and 10% oral presentations/ projects). See rubrics to evaluate student’s work.

·         Show respect to others by listening attentively and remaining quiet when others are speaking.

·         Hablar español lo más posible.

·         Take care of your bathroom needs before or after class.

·         Gum, cell phones, Ipods, and electronic devices interfere with communication please leave these items in your lockers.  

·         All graded assignments must be handed in on time. No late assignments will be accepted.

·         Bring all materials to class everyday pens, notebooks, text, workbook, homework etc. If you are unprepared points will be subtracted from your participation grade.

·         Punctuality is very important in my class. This means that at the start of class you are in your seat and ready to work. If you are late be sure that you have a pass from wherever you are coming from. If you are tardy three times you will receive detention.

·         Laptops should be kept closed during class, unless otherwise directed.

·         If you are absent for a test it is your responsibility to let me know. For each day that you are absent you will have one day to make up your work.

·         Extra credit will not be offered.

·         Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. You may use the Real Academia Española dictionary (RAE).

** Using online translators (ie: Google Translator) is not allowed and you will be penalised with 25% off the final assignment grade.


I have read Mrs. Daly-Valls' class policies and will adhere to the stated rules.

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