Algebra II (5310) Final Review sheet                                                         



1.      Factor the trinomial:

2.      Factor the trinomial:

3.      Solve the equation by factoring:

4.      Simplify the expression:

5.      Simplify the expression: 

6.      Solve the equation:  

7.      Solve the equation: 

8.      Solve:    

9.      Simplify: 


10.  Simplify: 


11.  Simplify: 


12.  Find the value of c that makes the expression a perfect square trinomial.


13.  Find the value of c that makes the expression a perfect square trinomial.  The write the expression as the square of a binomial.


14.  Solve the equation by completing the square:


15.  Find the discriminant: 


16.  Solve by using the quadratic equation:  


17.  Find the axis of symmetry of the following equation:


18.  Find the vertex of the following equation:


19.  Simplify: 

20.  Simplify:  

21.  Simplify:      

22.  Use substitution to solve: 


23.  Simplify:    


24.  Simplify:  


25.  Simplify:


26.  To find  using synthetic division, what is the correct first line of the process?


27.  Use either long division or synthetic division to solve.


28.  What is the remainder for?


29.  What is  written with rational exponents?


30.  What is written with radical notation?


31.  Simplify:


32.  Simplify:


33.  Simplify:


34.  Solve:


35.  Solve: 


36.  Solve:    

37.   Solve:  


Use these equations for numbers 38 - 40.  Let and .

38.   Simplify:


39.   Simplify:

40.   Find the indicated value:


Part 2: Free Response


1.  Graph the quadratic function and label each part.  Sate each of the 5 key parts. (Axis of symmetry, vertex, x-intercepts, y-intercept, and point of symmetry)


2.  Use the quadratic formula to solve the equations.

a.                              b.


3.  Simplify the expressions:

a.                        b.

4.  Use synthetic substitution to evaluate  when .

5.  Divide using synthetic division.  Make sure to show all work.


6. Divide using polynomial long division.  Show all work.


7.  Simplify:

8.  Solve: 

9. Let and .  Perform the indicated operation.

a.                                     b.