Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors(5330)

Mrs. Barnes

  Class Expectations

  1. Come to class on time bringing textbook, notebook, pen, pencil and TI graphing calculator.
  2. Pay full attention in class.
  3. Cooperate with the teacher and students.
  4. Academic honesty should be practiced at all times.
  5. Refrain from leaving class except in an emergency.
  6. Follow all school rules written in the handbook

Daily Routine: When class begins, I will go around the classroom to check the homework while you check the answers or do warm-up exercises.  Then, I will go over homework questions from the previous class material and present a new lesson which will involve my lecture, class discussions, your questions, cooperative learning, etc.  Lastly, homework will be assigned.

Grade Distribution: Each quarter grade consists of 50% of the test average, 20% of the quiz average, 20% homework and 10% class participation.

Tests/Quizzes: Tests will be given at the end of the chapter/unit, and quizzes after the last few sections.  Dates are announced in advance.

Homework: Homework is an important part of learning since it provides practice which helps retain the material you learned.  Homework is given at each class and is due at the next one.  Homework should be dated and done in your notebook, showing all work for each problem.  Doing homework on time is vital in preparation for the next material because math is a sequential subject.  Each homework is graded from 0 to 10 based on completion and legibility, not necessarily on correct answers.  Spending quality time on homework is recommended.

Class Participation:  The above class expectations are the basis for good class participation.  Paying full attention in class is very important in  understanding the material.  Math can be fun if you understand the material.  Be an active learner by asking questions, participating in discussions, helping others, and you will enjoy the class much more.  Wasting time, doing other work, unnecessary talking and disruptive behavior are detrimental to good learning for you and others.

Make Up Tests/Quizzes/Homework:  It is the student's responsibility to find out and make up any work missed due to absence.   Missed tests or quizzes should be made up on the day you return except in the case of a long absence.  The student sees the teacher on returning to school and arranges the make up time for tests/quizzes. 

Extra Help: If you are having difficulty, come for extra help after school or at any mutually agreed upon time.  It is wise to get help right away than wait until a quiz or test time.