Spring, 2011


Dear Parent/Guardian,

    It's hard to believe that three-quarters of this present school year has already passed!  We have worked very hard laying the algebraic foundation for all the future math courses your daughter will be taking.  Just recently, your daughter selected the course she will be taking this coming fall.  For most students this was either Geometry or Honors Geometry.  Those students presently taking Honors Algebra I/Geometry selected either College Prep Geometry, Honors Geometry, or Honors Geometry/Algebra II.  All of these decisions were based on course prerequisites and your daughter's  performance in her present course.

    Final exams will begin on June 9th.  All of my students will receive exam review materials well in advance of that.  Once again these exams are taken seriously.  Your daughter's final exam grade will represent 10% of her final course average.   There will be plenty of opportunities for extra help sessions prior to exam week.  Please encourage your daughter to take advantage of these.

    Once again, feel free to contact me by phone(201-445-6800X204) or e-mail (LMiller@ihahs.com).  Together we can encourage your daughter to reach her potential which hopefully has become her personal goal. 


                                                                                                                                    Mrs. Lauretta Miller