Honors Algebra I/Geometry (5150)       Mrs. Lauretta Miller    Course Requirements


                                                The Rules of the GAME


NUMBER of players:  any natural number


OBJECT of the game:  To solve real-life math problems after mastering the language of algebra; to achieve a final score that meets your personal goal and that is indicative of how well you follow the rules listed below.


SUPPLIES needed:

·        desire to play; good thinking power (logic)/focus; willingness to work hard

·        covered text (no contact paper)

·        IBM ThinkPad; TI’84 Plus graphing calculator  

·        binder notebook; hole punch for insertion of worksheets

·        pencils or pens(erasable); ruler and protractor; multi-click color pen; highlighter



·        Upon your arrival, immediately open your notebook to your HW. 

Refer to projected answer key and make necessary corrections using color pen.  Students learn by doing math.  HW is assigned daily to encourage this learning and is posted daily on my website on “due date” rather than date assigned.  Each assignment is to be done directly in NB following that day’s lesson notes.  Date your HW; indicate textbook pages and problem numbers.  You are responsible for learning how to do every problem.  Be sure to check answers for odd-numbered problems provided in the back of your text as you are doing the assignment.  This will enable you to assess whether or not your procedure is correct.  If your answer does not agree, go back and carefully re-do the problem referring to class notes.  Each assignment automatically includes the careful reading of the text’s coverage of the topic.    HW is graded for effort, not accuracy.  Full credit (2 pts.) will be given when the original problem is written with procedural steps and final conclusion indicated; partial credit (1 pt.) if incomplete or late, and NO credit if un-submitted, copied from another student or from the back of the text.  You will be allowed to miss 1 assignment per marking period without being penalized.  HW represents 10% of your marking period average.

·        Upon completing this HW check, the new lesson will be presented. 

You are expected to be active participants by taking notes, copying sample problems, questioning when confused, carefully listening to and responding to questions asked, and doing class drill work.  Keep your notebook neat and well-organized; it will function as your “mini-textbook” and will be your study guide for this course.  Test and quiz problems are often drawn from class or HW problems. Class work represents 10% of your marking period average.

·        Mathematics is such a structured, sequential investigation that you

truly handicap your understanding of the material with any ABSENCE.  It is your responsibility to get class notes missed and to check to see if tests or quizzes were announced during your absence (refer to my website or contact a classmate).  Feel free to e-mail me at LMiller@ihahs.com.   

·        Quizzes represent 30% and Tests represent 50% of your marking

period average.  Quizzes are given on parts of chapters, tests at the conclusion of each chapter.  They will be announced well in advance.  Given the structured nature of math, much of this work is cumulative.  If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz (without missing actual lessons), be prepared to take test or quiz immediately on the day of your return (before school, at lunchtime, or after school).  For an extended absence, you will be expected to meet with me on the day of your return to arrange for lesson coverage and test/quiz make-up.

·        Academic Honesty:  A student’s performance on HW, quizzes and tests should be a clear indication of her understanding of the material.  A student who gives her work to another to be copied is as guilty of intellectual dishonesty as the student who takes that work.  Academic dishonesty is considered a very serious matter (see Handbook) and will be dealt with by the teacher and reported to the Principal.

·        Extra Help is always available!!  Be sure to take advantage of this

before homeroom, at lunch or after school – you can find me in room 204.  Algebra is the foundation of all upper level mathematics.  When you come to class, take notes, do HW, ask questions, and strive for true understanding of concepts, you will play the game well!


I look forward to sharing my love of math with you!!  Remember, ALGEBRA is a GAME – Enjoy playing it!!!