The official game sized field of soccer is the minimum of 60x90 and a maximum of 75x120 yards.  General space of the playing field is covered by 22 field players (11 on each team, including the goalkeeper).  The purpose of the game is to maintain possession of the ball, and score a goal on the opposing teamís net, which is a space 6 yards wide and 8 feet high.  Goals count as 1 point each.  The ball may be kicked with the inside, outside or the instep (portion of the foot covered by the laces of the shoe.  The ball should not be kicked with your toes.  The ball may be played with any part of the body such as the head, chest, thigh, or foot with the exception of hands.  ONLY GOALIES may use their hands to defend the goal


The goalkeeper patrols the penalty area and tries to prevent the ball from going into the goal.  The goalkeeper is the only player who may use her hands to play the ball.


The defenders (fullbacks) are positioned directly in front of the goalkeeper.  Primary duty is to prevent the opponent from having a good shot at the goal.


The midfielders (halfbacks) play a transitional game from defense to offense and vice versa.  They have the dual responsibilities of forming their own attacks and upsetting the opponents attacks.


The forwards are the players most responsible for scoring goals.  They can also assist with defensive plays by taking the ball away from opposing players.

  2 kinds of forwards: Wings and Strikers.  Wings play towards the outside of the field and work the ball inward to a striker. Strikers play in the middle of the forward line.  Strikerís primary jog is to score goals.


Dribble: The technique of moving the ball along the ground while maintaining possession of it.


Pass: The idea of getting the ball to a player on the same team


Trap: Controlling the ball by absorbing its momentum in order to control and redirect the ball.


Kick Off: How one begins the game.  Opposing team must be outside the circle.


Throw in: The idea of restarting the game after the ball has been knocked out of bounds via the sideline.


Goal Kick: The act of restarting the game when the offensive team kicks the ball over the end line.


Corner Kick: The act of restarting the game when the defending team kicks the ball over the end line.


Penalty Kick: Direct free kick inside the penalty area.


Direct Kick: Free kick for the team.  A goal may be directly scored.


Indirect Kick: Free kick in which another player must touch the ball before it goes in to the goal.


Place Kick: Contact with the ball while it is in a stationary position on the ground (kick off, free kick, corner kick, goal kick, and penalty kick.