The following link provides information about the GDL restrictions that changed on May 1, 2010:

***NEW*** Decals must still be used. Read the following article for the latest information.

Behind the Wheel Training

First Time Driving School  Mr. Martin Messano  201-461-4274

P.V. Driving School Mr. Edward Costello 201-612-8049 (C) 201-670-7943

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Website - The Manual is on line!

FYI: You can pick up a hard copy of the NJ Driver Manual at any MVC office.  NJ MVC offices/stations are closed on Mondays

Updated: 3/31/11


The chart below will have the date each class will report to the gym for Phys. Ed. Start to look for your P.E. clothing and your lock. (Look under your bed!)

EXAM NEWS: Your State Exam will be given the week of 4/11. Details to follow.

Quiz Alert: Quiz will be on the manual pages 43 to 77. The exam review will help you prepare for this quiz.Page 62 should Read... A Motorist must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, ( per N.J.S.A 39:4-36, failure to stiop carries a fine of up to $500, up to 25 days in jail, community service, a driving privilege suspension of up to 6 months and 2 points.

For the week of 3/28: Read in manual pages 80 to 99.

For the week of 4/4: Complete the manual pages 101 to 142. Also complete the ALL State Exam Review questions.



State Exam Dates

Report to the gym for Phys. Ed.

Quiz - Manual pages 43-77 Dates to be announced.

Blue 121 4/13 Wed "C" day 4/19 Tuesday "A" day *****NEW DATE Friday 4/1 "A" day*****
Green 119 4/11 Monday "A" day 4/15 Friday "E" day Thursday "F" day 3/31
Pink 120 4/11 Monday "A" day 4/14 Thursday "D" Tuesday 3/29 "D" day
Purple 121 4/12 Tuesday "B" day 4/14 Thursday "D" day Thursday "F" day 3/31
Yellow 119 4/11 Monday "A" day 4/14 Thursday "D" Tuesday 3/29 "D" day

Know your legal name to fill out MVC information for your permit.

Driver Education Portfolio

READ and add the highlighted items to your Dr. Ed. Portfolio

Drinking and Driving Quiz Wait for directions

State Exam Notice

Blind Spot Presented in class

Freeway Driving Video Guide

Managing Space and Time Video Guide

Night Driving Video Guide

Driving In Bad Weather Video Guide

Signals, Signs, and Road Markings - Power Point Class Presentation  Class presentation. Can also be used to study for test. 

Route Markings Class Presentation. Can also be used to study for the test.

Instrument, Devices and Control Sketches - a review of lessons from class. Copy if you wish

State Exam Review This Review was updated on 2/27. It will help you study for the NEW version of the state exam.

Dashboard Assignment  A hard copy will be given out in class

Value of an Oil Change  Download and WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT THIS READING.


Understanding New Car Lingo Download. Read before you do the Dashboard Assignment

Using The Owner's Manual Download. Read before you do the Dashboard Assignment

Young Drivers: The High Risk Years Video Guide This will be completed in class. If you are absent the video is on          Youtube:

Welcome to Driver Ed

How to become a NJ licensed driver

Three Options to Obtain a NJ License This corresponds to pages in the manual that will be covered in class.

Insurance Worksheet  Instructions will be given in class.

Digitized License This will be presented in class. Download not mandatory.


Travel Log in Pairs  A hard copy will be given to you in class.  



Travel Log in Pairs    - (toll information)

Oil change on line video:

Jump starting battery on line video: