1.     Students are to report to the gym on time for class or have a pass form a teacher.


2.     DO NOT ask the teacher if your class is getting dressed.  Always be prepared for full activity.


3.     Students are to come to the gym dressed in their entire school uniform. Changing to Phys. Ed. uniform is to  take place in the locker room. After class students must leave the gym in full school uniform. If Phys. Ed. Class is the last period of the day, students may leave in either their school uniform, Phys. Ed. Uniform or in season sports team attire.


4.     Use the small locker that is assigned to you to store your gym uniform. The long lockers are only used by student athletes who are in season. Long lockers can also be used during class by students to lock up their belongings. Record your locker number and lock combo in a safe place. DO NOT SHARE LOCKERS AND DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR LOCK COMBINATION.


5.     All valuables are to be LOCKED UP during class. You, not the Physical Education Staff, are responsible for your valuables and your gym uniform. Anything found in the gym will be placed in the lost and found container that is located on the stage. Book bags maybe placed under the benches or on the shelves in the rear of the locker room. Write your name in your gym uniform!


6.     Students are to report promptly to their assigned area in the gym for attendance. All girls should be prepared for physical education in the following manner:

a)     You must wear the IHA required uniform with white socks. Uniforms are not to be torn or cut.

b)     Supportive athletic sneakers that do not have a black waffle type bottom. Fashion sneakers are not    permitted.

c)     A sport bra or a bra with good support is recommended.

d)     No pro, college, or IHA team apparel should be worn to class.

e)     No jewelry, except post earrings, is to be worn in class.  (No toe, navel, or tongue rings)

f)      Hair should be worn in a way that will not interfere with class activity by coming undone during class.

g)     Remember to shower and use deodorant daily.

h)     All students are to be prepared for Phys. Ed. on DRESS UP & DRESS DOWN days.

i)      Unprepared students must complete a non-participation form. If not completed they will loose additional participation points.


7.     All students must have a current physical education release form completed by their physician and on file with the nurse. If a physical has not been completed a student can not participate in class. This will affect the participation grade.  Only the school nurse can excuse a student from Physical Education. Students who are medically excused must follow the procedure below.

a)     All parent/guardian or physician notes must be brought to the school nurse before home room.

b)     If a student becomes ill during the day, they are to see the nurse for an excuse.

c)     Students are allowed one medical excuse from a parent/guardian for the semester.

d)     Students must have a doctorís note if they are excused for more than a day or if there are any restrictions. This must be brought to the nurse before home room.

e)     Any student who is excused for a day will complete a non-participation form during class for participation points.

f)      Students excused for more than one week will be given an assignment to do. When they are excused they are also responsible for information covered in their class. They must check in with the teacher every class. It is up to the discretion of the teacher if the student should remain in the gym or report to the Information Commons for the period.

g)     Remember only the school nurse, not the Phys. Ed. teacher, can excuse a student from P.E.

h)     Students who do not participate in P.E. for medical reasons may NOT practice or compete with any IHA athletic team.


8.     While in class all students must observer the following:

a)     Inform the teacher immediately of any injury that occurs during class, no matter how minor you think it is.

b)     Follow all safety rules during activities and observe fire drill codes..

c)     Please take care of equipment and return it to the appropriate place after use.



        9.    Please do not sit on the stage and do not place personal items on the stage.


       10.    Students may not enter the Athletic Trainerís room or touch any of the Athletic Trainerís supplies.


       11.    Students who are not dressed for participation should not work on assignments for other classes.






Written Evaluations 40%:  This will include quizzes, tests, workbook assignments, reports, projects, and homework and class assignments.


Participation 60 %:  This will be determined by the teacherís evaluation of a studentís performance in class. Items evaluated include the following categories




          Encourages other

          Follows safety practices

          Execution of class warm-ups

          Follows direction

          Willingness to execute new activities/skills

          Decision making

          Active participation during activity

          Positive attitude

          Application of skills, rules, strategies, and scoring to activity.

          Properly demonstrates the technique of skills

          Improvement of skill through active participation.

          Responsibility for equipment


Mark/Percentage                   Description

Superior 97-100%                  Student is a model to others and has demonstrates master proficiency in                                                                    all categories.

Excellent 93-96%                   Student excels when demonstrates proficiency in the listed categories.


Very Good 89-92%                                Student makes a conscience effort to be proficient in listed categories.


Good 85-88%                        Student demonstrates proficiency of listed categories.


Above Average 81-84%           Student demonstrates proficiency most of the time to listed categories.


Average 77-80%                    Student sometimes demonstrates proficiency to listed categories.


Fair 73-76%                            Student rarely demonstrates proficiency of listed categories


Passing 70-72%                    Student struggles with listed categories


Below 70%                             Student is unsuccessful in meeting the goals of the course.


Each class is worth 6 participation points. Points will also be lost if the student is not prepared with proper phys. ed. uniform.

          Full uniform - minus 6 points

          Individual pieces of uniform Ė minus 2 points for each piece

          Wearing jewelry - minus 2 points

          Tardy for attendance Ė minus 1 point

          Not following proper procedure for medical excuse from the nurse Ė minus 2 points


Excessive absences will also have an impact on your participation grade.