Last update: 5/8/11


Homework: Place Highlighted items in your Phys Ed Folder for the next class and read each document.

Quiz Alert: See chart below for quiz date. Study the following documents.

Speedball Study Guide  

Speedball Field and Positions

Class Speedball Quiz Week of 5/16 - Dates TBA Fitness Test Results Worksheet Due
Blue Tuesday 5/24 "A" day Tuesday 5/10 "C" day
Green Tuesday 5/24 "A" day Thursday 5/12 " E" day
Pink Monday 5/23 "E" day Wednesday 5/11 "D" day
Purple Friday 5/20 "D" day Tuesday 5/10 C day
Yellow Monday 5/23 "E" day Wednesday 5/11 "D" day

    READ & Place all highlighted document to your Phys. Ed. folder on your laptop. 

Speedball Study Guide  

Speedball Field and Positions

Physical Education Requirements: Read this and be ready to sign an acknowledgement form that you will follow all items explained in the document.

Physical Fitness Test Student Result Worksheet

Individual Information:  Keep this document current by filling it in with information that you gather in class.

Physical Fitness Test Standards Read this document. You will refer to this during fitness testing and to fill in the Student Test Result form that you will receive in class.

Heart Log Read and know the terms at the top of the page. Fill in the following in the personal information chart.  1) Age  2) MHR  3) THR (low)  4) THR (high). Use the Heart Rate Chart in the document to assist you. Update this log every time you have an Aerobic Day  KNOW THIS FOR FITNESS QUIZ.

Fitness Study Guide  Study this guide for the Fitness Quiz

Lacrosse Study Guide: This site will be used as a study guide for your lacrosse unit. The information will also prepare you for the lacrosse unit. Read all of the following from the site.
1History & Object
2- The Essentials (Offense & Defense, Scoring, Etc.)
3- Field Diagram and Positions
4- Fouls  And    5- Glossary of Lacrosse Terms

Tennis Study Guide

Fitness for Life Book assignment for Med Ex students

Speedball Assignment for Med Ex students

Fluid Guidelines

Caffeine Assignment

Emergency Plan #1