Fitness Training


How Physically Fit are you?  Take this quick fitness quiz from the October 2003 issue of Current Health Magazine.

1.  Physical fitness is                                                            6.  Body composition refers to

a.  running a mile in eight minutes.                                         a.  the main part of an essay.

b.  having the perfect body.                                                  b.  whether you are shaped like an apple or pear.

c.  being able to get through the day with energy to spare.     c.  how much of your weight is lean body mass


2.  The four main areas of fitness are                                    7.  Being overweight

a.  abs, buttocks, thighs, and chest.                                      a.  puts increased stress on your bones, ligaments,

b.  cardiovascular endurance, muscular fitness                           tendons, and muscles

c.  bones, muscles, joints, and ligaments                               b.  raises your risk of cardiovascular disease,

                                                                                                diabetes, and certain cancers.

                                                                                           c.  both of the above.


3.  "Aerobic" means                                                            8.  The most effective way to lose fat is

a.  with oxygen.                                                                   a.  by eating less and exercising more.

b.  deep breathing                                                                b.  by avoiding all fatty foods.

c.  heart.                                                                              c.  by consuming no more than 800 calories/day.


4.  A good type of aerobic exercise is                                  9.  Strong muscles are only important if you're

a.  bicycling several miles on a trail.                                           if you are a jock.

b.  walking to your next-door neighbor's house.                   a.  True

c.  carrying out the trash                                                      b.  False


10. If you are flexible, you can                                   HOW DID YOU DO?

a.  change your mind easily                                        1-5 correct:  You learned a lot, but you will need to brush

b.  bend and stretch easily.                                        up on those facts and put your knowledge to work

c.  make your muscles bulge.                                    5-9 correct:  Good, but still room for improvement.

                                                                                10 correct:   Way to go!  Keep up the good work.


Answers:  1=c 2=b 3=a 4=a 5=b 6=c 7=c 8=a 9=b 10=b