Welcome to Religion IV  



    Cooperation with the following guidelines will insure your success in the Lifestyles and

    Death and Resurrection courses.

        Creating a Christian Lifestyle by Carl Koch

        The Mystery of Suffering and Death by Janie Gustafson

   *You should write your name and my name on the inside cover of both texts.


        -it cannot be the same journal you use for your English class

        -the journal should be approximately the size of your agenda

        -you will need to bring this journal with you on retreat

        -you can have a separate file on your laptop to use as a journal


        -you must take notes for each course; you may use a separate file on your laptop

         or take notes the traditional way and transfer them to the laptop later.

        -there will be a quiz following each chapter (5 per quarter)

        -the will be a test after two quizzes (2 per quarter)

        -there will be a major project per quarter

        - you will arrive promptly and in perfect uniform for each class

        - you will have your textbook, notebook, and journal with you for each class

        - adult-like behavior during class is expected at all times

        - This is not your bathroom period!! You may use the bathroom at your

          discretion by just taking the pass. Misuse of this privilege will be addressed.


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