CARE Group Leader Resources

As a CARE group leader, you are making a difference in the world, and empowering other students to do this as well.

With this privilege, comes a great responsibility and an opportunity to develop yourself as a leader in your school, community, and world.

Plan your WORK, and WORK your plan. You must plan REGULAR efforts for your group and advertise them WELL and in enough TIME to get participation.  The information and documents below are designed to help you grow and develop your group to make the biggest impact possible!!

*Bake sale instructions are included on this page. YOU MUST follow the bake sale instructions :)



1. CARE Yearly and Event Planner

Group Yearly Planner and Specific Event Planner. This excel document is a yearly record for your to plan out activities and events. The second tab on the document is a way to organize yourself for specific events. NOMINATE ONE GROUP LEADER to complete the planner. Please download this in excel  - SAVE IT AS YOUR GROUP NAME and fill out the sheet on the  the FIRST TAB - YEARLY PLANNER - email it back to Ms. Licata by FRIDAY October 1st.

This file is GREAT for planning all of your communications, advertisements, and keeping track of participants. It includes a sign up sheet in excel on the second tab of the file.

2. CARE Activity Proposal

CARE Activity Proposal - before advertising or signing people up for an event/activity, this must be submitted to Ms. Licata within 30 days of the proposed activity. If you have an activity that repeats, you only fill this out once.


CARE PARENT RELEASE - any group that participates in ANY offsite project, must have each person attending fill out the parent release PRIOR to attending the activity. ONE of these will be fine for the entire year (per group). If you are going offsite - you must make sure with Ms. Licata that the people participating in your event have handed in their CARE parent release.


You must follow the process on the Bake Sale Organizer Document. Please sign up for a bake sale date with the CARE Fundraising Coordinators. Listen for announcements to find out how to get a date.


CARE MONEY Proposal - Please submit this to Ms. Licata ONE WEEK BEFORE you intend on spending any money