Liturgical Dance

What is Liturgical Dance?

Liturgical Dance is a school favorite that accompanies many of our liturgies and prayer services. It is a prayerful expression that provides a reflection for the school community through music and  movement.

Come to an Informational Meeting THURSDAY 9/20 Outside the AUDITORIUM


1. This is NOT a club - but rather an opportunity to participate in a liturgical dance when it works for you

2. Listen to announcements - there will usually be a Locker break Informational meeting before each liturgy to sign up dancers for a particular liturgy.

3. At this meeting we set up the rehearsals around every participating dancer's schedule. There are usually 2  after school rehearsals prior to a liturgy to rehearse. These are usually from 2-3 PM in the chapel

4. On the day of the Liturgy - you arrive around 7:25 am to school to rehearse in the gym

5. If you are interested, Please email Ms. Licata or See Senior Cristina Ramos for more information

6. FRESHMAN - you will have an opportunity to sign up for liturgical dance when Ms. Licata comes to your religion class to speak about Service and Campus Ministry


Email Ms. Licata for more information at



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