Syllabus for Religious Studies II  -  Second Semester

New Testament

Instructor:    Mrs. Suta

Grade:        Sophomore



Required Texts:    Jesus of History, Christ of Faith by T. Zanzig

                            Holy Bible - New American Translation



1.  That students read the New Testament and understand it.

2.  That students know and appreciate the major themes and issues in the New Testament.

3.  That students reflect on how biblical truths may be incorporated into their own lives.

4.  That students develop a deeper understanding of how God has worked in human history and still works in the present.

5.  That students exhibit a working knowledge of appropriate websites pertaining to the New Testament and Catholic teaching.



Students grades will be assessed based on the following criteria:

1.  Quizzes                  25%             

2.  Tests                      50%

3.  Homework             10%

4.  Class Participation  10%

5.  Project                   Test grade




Make up and Late Policy:

       When you are absent for a class, it is your responsibility to check my website and see me if you have a question.  Work missed due to absence must be made up within one week.  If you are absent for more than three days, please see me. 

       Work due on the day of an absence is required to be handed in to me in person on the day you return to school.

       As a general rule, you must take a make-up test on the next day you are in school either at 7:30 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.

       The latest date for the make-up test will be one week. After that time, you will receive a failing grade for that test.