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Zanzig, Thomas.  Understanding Catholic Christianity. Winona, MN:  St. Mary’s Press, 1997.

Sawyer, Kieran.  Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions.  Notre Dame, IN:  Ave Maria Press, 2008.

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Course Description:

This introductory course is an overview of faith doctrine, scripture, tradition, sacraments, the liturgical year, spirituality, and morality.  It introduces Catholic belief and practice, and prepares for the more advanced courses that follow.  This course also includes one quarter devoted to a Christian understanding and appreciation of sexuality.


¨       To give students from diverse religious upbringings and backgrounds an understanding of the basics of the Catholic faith, with a common vocabulary and unified vision of the whole Catholic heritage;

¨       To enable students to explore and appreciate the meaning of the Catholic faith at a personal and affective level;

¨       To enable students to learn about various liturgical seasons, celebrations, and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Service Hours:

            The Christian Service Program is designed to make you aware of the needs of others.  Through your volunteer efforts, you will become mindful of the importance of service, but will also recognize the call to become accountable members of the Christian community in response to Jesus’ message of love.  See Ms. Licata's Campus Ministry website for the details regarding service requirements, parameters and dates for completion.


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