Class Participation

According to my grading policy, class participation contributes to 10% of your quarter grade. Your class participation score is based on the rubric below.

95 Very attentive to the teacher and to other students. Encouraging to other students. Follows directions. Sticks to the assignment when asked to group or partner work.

85 Usually attentive to the teacher and other students. Cooperative. Usually follows directions well. Usually sticks to the assignments when asked to do group or partner work.

75 Sometime inattentive. Does not always stay on task.

65 Often inattentive. Often off-task. Sometimes distracts others. Often caught doing other work or fooling around when asked to do group or partner work.

55 Disruptive. Calling out, answering out of turn, interrupting the lesson. Does not follow the directions when asked to do group or partner work.

95 Always prepared with required materials. Begins class assignments promptly.

85 Almost always prepared with required materials. Usually ready to begin class assignments when instructed.

75 Occasionally unprepared. Occasionally comes to class without required materials. Is sometimes late in getting started on class assignments.

65 Often unprepared. Often comes to class without required materials. Often late and must be prodded to get started with the classroom assignments.

55 Usually unprepared. Seldom come to class with required materials. Often late starting classroom assignments. Oftentimes does not complete or does not start an assignment at all.

95 Participates actively in all activities. frequently raises hands and asks questions.

85 Usually participates actively. Sometimes asks questions.

75 Occasionally participates in area of interest. Seldom asks questions.

65 Seldom participates voluntarily. Does not ask questions.

55 Unwilling to participate, even when called on.

Total: _____________ divided by 3 = Score : _______

Note that each instance of being late to class without a pass or being found participating in off-task activities on the internet during class time will result in points being deducted from your class participation score.

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