Grading Policy


1.Your quarterly report card grade is a total of all work:

*Lab grade is based 60-65% performance and 30-35% for the typed lab .Points will be deducted deducted for leaving lab station messy, balance not in park. 5 points per day late will be deducted unless prior arrangements have NOT been made in which case 10 points will be deducted per day.

Note: the grading rules above are tentative and may be changed at the teacher's discretion.

Low grades are not dropped and extra credit assignments are not acceptable substitutes for deficits in regular course work!

The final grade is based on the 4 quarter grades (each worth 20%) and the midterm and final exam grades (each worth 10%). The final exam is a second semester test.

2. Class participation includes actively participating in class as well coming to class prepared with all materials and completed homework assignments, paying attention and staying on task.

3. Keep in mind missing homework, failure to make up labs, tests and quizzes in a timely manner will result in points deducted from the quarter grade.

4. Excessive absences from the classroom due to trips to the bathroom or to the health office are strongly discouraged. Permission to leave the classroom for drinks of water, Advil, Tylenol, cough drops and the bathroom will be granted only when absolutely necessary. Your parents will be notified if you are absent excessively from the classroom.

Please see me during locker break or after school for extra help if you are having trouble keeping up!

-Mrs. Addabbo


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