Symbols and names of elements to learn. You must be able to correctly spell the names of the elements and give their symbols. Remember that if the symbol is one letter it is upper-case. If it is two, the first is upper-case, the second is lower-case. The date of the quiz will be announced on my Quia website and in class.


Aluminum-Al                Gold-Au                       Mercury-Hg            Radium-Ra

Calcium–Ca                  Helium-He                    Nitrogen-N            Cadmium-Cd

Carbon-C                     Hydrogen-H                  Oxygen-O               Zinc-Zn

Chlorine-Cl                   Iodine-I                        Potassium-K            Strontium-Sr

Copper-Cu                    Iron- Fe                        Silver-Ag                Rubidium -Rb

Fluorine-F                     Magnesium-Mg                Lead-Pb                Cesium-Cs

Sodium-Na                    Tin –Sn                          Phosphorus-P        Beryllium - Be

Nickel –Ni                      Sulfur-S                         Chromium-Cr        Gallium- Ga

Lithium-Li                      Boron- B                        Bromine-Br            Germanium-Ge

Tungsten -W                   Manganese-Mn                Silicon-Si                Radon- Rn

Links to study aid:

Element cards on Jefferson Labs site Choose "More options please!" Then click on the 30 elements on the periodic table on which you wish to be tested . Be sure to also click on "require the the chemical symbols be properly capitalized". Choose to be tested on chemical names and chemical symbols. Click on "all available" to get questions on all 30 elements.

Remember you are only responsible for the symbols and correctly spelled names of those elements listed above