Harvard Model UN Assignments:

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Country Committee Delegate
Tuvalu Disarmament and International Security Committee Suzanne and Keara
  Special Political and Decolonization Committee Haley and Marisa
  UN Economic and Social Commission on Asia and Pacific Jenna
  UN Summit on Globalization Maria Southard
  Economic and Financial Committee Evy
  Legal Committee Mary
  Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee Elise and Erika
Free Imperial City of Nuremburg Peace of Westphalia, 1648 Anya
Reuter Press Corp Amy DiPierro
Ambassador from Spain - Bernardino de Mendoza Queen Elizabeht's Privy Council Cailtin Flynn
Sec. of Education: Arne Duncan Joint Crisis Cabinet Lucy Lohrman
International Women Non Governmental Organization Monica Santos
To Be Decided To Be Decided Meg Vreeland


Research Suggestions

BBC World News
New York Times
Human Rights Watch
CIA Factbook
Asia Society