Classroom Procedures


The following procedures will be followed throughout the year:

Daily Rules and Procedures:

a. Students should be on time for class and be prepared to start class promptly.

b. Students should be in correct uniform and have all materials needed for class – laptop, notebook, folder, loose leaf paper, and homework assignments completed in the assigned format.

c. Students must be prepared to actively engage in class discussions.

Take Home Assignments:

a. Writing assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and must be printed prior to coming to class. Any assignment handed in after the specified date will lose 4 points for each calendar date that it is late. All writing assignments are to be written in MLA format.

b. Occasionally, homework will be collected or checked by unannounced reading quizzes. Students should not wait until the class period to explain why they will be late with an assignment. Instead she should send me an email or speak to me before or during homeroom to discuss her situation.

Grading Policy:

See the 'Welcome' Page for your class

E-Mail Policy:

a. When sending an email, students must use their name and class section in the subject line. Any unidentified emails will be deleted without being previewed.

b. If an email sent by a student includes an attachment, I will send a return e-mail to acknowledge it was received. If a student does not receive a return acknowledgement email, she should resend her original email and attachment.

c. Emails received after 7pm, will not be read until the following morning.

Absent From Class:

a. For an extended absence, a reasonable schedule will be made for making up missing work

b. For shorter absences, students must make up tests or quizzes within two days of their return. The student should see me the day she returns or email me at to make arrangements for missing work

c. A writing assignment is due on the specified date regardless if the student will be attending school. The student should email her paper to me by the due date.

d. For a planned absence, a student should see me ahead of time to make arrangements.

Academic Honesty is incredibly important (remember a person’s most important possession is her good name). Plagiarism or any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be immediately reported to the Dean of Students, Mrs. Halls.

Classroom Atmosphere: Students and teachers will treat each other with courtesy, respect, and kindness.