Classroom Policies and Procedures


The following procedures will be followed throughout the school year.

  1. Each day class meets, students are expected to arrive on time and prepared for class.  Students should bring with them their laptops, any additional assignments, and homework that is due on that day.
  2. Homework is due when class meets.  If homework is handed in late during the first quarter, it will be given an automatic grade of 50%if it is done to full potential.  If you hand in a late and sloppy or incomplete homework assignment, your grade will decrease from 50%.  Homework will always be collected and graded unless otherwise instructed.  Therefore, as you enter class, immediately place your homework assignments in the correct homework bin according to your class name. 
  3. Each week there will be a currents events article that you will be assigned to read.  It will always be posted by Monday morning on my website under the "Current Events" link and must be read for the next class meeting of that cycle.  There will be a quiz on the reading in the beginning of the class.  Your lowest quiz grade for each quarter will be dropped. 
  4. All tests, homework, quizzes, essays etc. will be worth a specific amount of points.  Tests and long term assignments such as essays, will be worth more points than homework assignments.  At the end of the quarter, I will add up the total number of points that each assignments is worth.  I will then add together the total number of points you earned throughout the quarter. Then, I will divide the number of points you earned by the maximum number of points possible and that will determine your percentage grade.  For instance, if you earned 500 points out of a possible 550 points, your quarter grade will be 500/550 which equals .909 or 91%.
  5. Participation is expected and necessary.  Active, constructive participation will be sought during classroom discussions and group activities.  If you choose to not participate or tend to have a negative, adverse attitude, it will be reflected in your classroom performance grade.
  6. If you are absent, please check my website for assignments so that you can keep up with your work.  E-mail me at  if there are any questions or concerns.                                                                                                                                 

  6.  Late assignments:

  7.  Academic honesty is outlined in your agenda and on the IHA website.  In any case where a student is found cheating or plagiarizing, it will be reported to the Dean of Students and handled accordingly.

  8.  Students are expected to treat their peers with respect and courtesy at all times.  There are no stupid questions, so please speak up! 

  9.  I am available after school and during homeroom for any extra help, so please feel free to come and see me.  I advise that you either see me to make an appointment or email me to make an appointment so that I am sure to be in my room when you need to meet with me.

I have read through these procedures and policies and have had a chance to ask questions about them.  I understand what is expected of me.



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