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This course provides an overview of the business system, the roles of business enterprises in society, and the legal forms of business ownership, how business are organized and managed and how businesses interact with the government.


Through text readings and classroom discussion the students explore the business world and learn how and why businesses are organized the way they are.




Textbook, Student Activity Guide,Notebook




Introduction to Business, Our Business and Economic World, by Brown and Clow, Glencoe-MacMillan/McGraw Hill, 1997

Student Activity Guide 1, Chapters 1-20

Newspapers, Magazines







Come to class promptly. Points are deducted from your class work grade if you are tardy.


Bring your textbook, workbook, binder and laptop in working order.  Points are deducted from your class work grade if you do not have your materials.  YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO BACK TO YOUR LOCKER FOR MATERIALS.


Hand in assignments on time. Late assignments are not accepted .


No talking or moving around the classroom during Locker Break or end of day announcements.


Current Event Presentation: Students should pick a current event topic from the newspaper.  You do not have to limit yourself to the Business section .  Many time, there are are business implications for national or local news events..  Students have already been assigned a class sometime during the semester during which they will present their article to the class.  See the main web page for the Article Presentation dates.


The students will type up a summary of their findings and provide a minimum of two  questions to lead the class discussion.


This counts as a homework grade.


If you do not have your presentation ready on the assigned date, this will result in a zero for this assignment.


No makeup dates will be assigned. 

Group Project:After we have studied the different parts of a business organization, the class will create a business plan for a new business venture.  


The class is broken up into groups, each representing a different part of the business organization.  


Each group will be assigned a leader who will coordinate and manage the efforts.


The group leaders must submit a Status Report after each class or group meeting.


Specific questions will be prepared for each group to research and solve.  


Each group will have three class periods and three homework assignment periods to develop the plan sections for their group .


Groups will prepare a presentation of their part of the overall business plan.


The presentation will be done using PowerPoint. 


This is considered the test grade for this unit of study.


Short Paper:As we study the interaction of government and business, students will research one example in the last year of governmentís interaction with domestic or international business.

 You will be required to type a minimum of two pages summarizing the event and discussing the implications for business.


CITE YOUR SOURCES with both parenthetical references and a bibliography.


The paper will be graded on content and presentation.


There should be a cover page but no report cover is necessary.


This is considered the test grade for this unit of study




Class work accounts for 10 % of grade. You are evaluated monthly for the class work grade. Included in the class work grade is 

 class participation: This component is assessed on a willingness to contribute answers and pertinent observations to class discussion.

Other components of this grade are promptness and preparedness.


Homework accounts for 10 % of grade. You are evaluated monthly for the homework grade.


 At the end of the month, the total number of homework assignments given (in that month) is divided by 100 to determine the possible points

for each written assignment.If all assignments have been completed and checked, students can earn 100%.


Quizzes account for 30 % of grade.

 Quizzes are generally given after every one or two chapters of material. They are always announced in advance to allow time for study and review of the material.


Tests account for †††††50 % of grade.


Tests are given after each new major unit is completed.

Tests are based on quizzes.


Makeup Work


It is the studentís responsibility to obtain information on what was covered in any class missed.  Work missed may include handout materials, quizzes, and tests.

Handouts will be held aside for any students that are absent.  These will be available for pickup in Room 119 in the front of the Room.

  If you are absent from class you should come to see me the first day you are back even if we do not have class that day to make arrangements for completing any missed assignments or quizzes or tests.

  Class work, quizzes and tests cannot be made up during class time.

Class work, quizzes and tests can be taken in the library during your study periods.  Arrangements should be made in advance.

   Quizzes and tests not made up within 2 days of the return to school will be subject to a maximum grade of 80% with 5 points deducted for each day after 2 days that the makeup work is not complete.




If it is an approved senior privilege, seniors with an average of 86 or higher are exempt from the final exam.