Accounting Syllabus



Course Description: This course is a comprehensive, full year course designed to introduce students to the double entry system of accounting for a sole proprietorship, corporate and partnership forms of business enterprises.  Students will learn the fundamentals of the accounting equation and learn to post entries accurately to the General Journal.  Students will also be able to prepare frequently used financial statements. 


Classroom Policy: The following items must be brought to class daily: Text book, workbook, notebook,  laptop.  Once class begins you may not return to your locker.  Being unprepared for class affects your class participation grade.


Homework:  accounts as 10% of your grade.   Homework assignments are given from the workbook and the textbook.


Class work accounts for 20 % of grade.  Included in the class work grade are class participation as well as promptness and classroom behavior.  The class participation component is assessed on a willingness to contribute answers and ask pertinent questions.


Quizzes  account for 30% of your grade.  There will generally be a quiz at the end of each chapter.  One quiz per quarter will be dropped.


Tests  account for 40% of your grade.  There will generally be a test at the end of each unit.  Tests are based on the quizzes. 


Absence:  It is your responsibility to get class notes and HW missed.  Homework needs to be shown to me for credit.  If you miss a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to see me to schedule a makeup during your lunch, free period or after school.  Make up tests and quizzes MUST made up within a week of returning to school.  After one week you will lose 5 points per day.


Extra Help:  Extra help is available after school at a location to be announced.  Probably room 121 or 122.


Academic Honesty:  A studentís performance on homework, quizzes and tests should be a clear indication of her understanding of the material.  Academic dishonesty is considered a serious matter and will be dealt with by the teacher and must be reported to the principal.