Classroom Policy: The following items must be brought to class daily:

Textbook, notebook, graphing calculator, pen, and pencil.  It may be useful to also have a ruler, though not required.  Once class begins you may not return to your locker.


Notebooks:  All class notes and HW are to be done in your notebook; they are to be dated appropriately.  HW should be in your notebook on the page following the dayís notes.  Worksheets can be stapled into your notebook or kept in a folder.  Your notebook will be your study guide so it is important to keep it neat and organized.  If you are absent, skip a few pages and copy missed notes ASAP.


Homework:  Students learn by doing, therefore homework is a necessary part of learning.  Homework will be checked and is due when class meets.  You are to show all work for each problem.  You are allowed to miss one homework assignment each quarter. 


Quizzes and Tests:  There will be approximately one quiz and one test per unit.  It will be based on homework and its applications.  There will be approximately 2 or 3 tests and quizzes a quarter.  Tests and quizzes are cumulative; that is, skills learned early in the course will continue to be tested in new situations later in the course.


Grading: The quarter grade will be determined as 50% of chapter test average, 30% of quiz average, 10% homework and 10% participation grade.


Absence:  It is your responsibility to get class notes and HW missed.  Homework needs to be shown to me for credit.  If you miss a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to see me to schedule a makeup during your lunch, free period or after school.  Make up tests and quizzes MUST made up within a week of returning to school.  After one week you will lose 5 points per day.


Extra Help:  Extra help is available after school at a location to be announced.  Probably room 121 or 122.


Academic Honesty:  A studentís performance on homework, quizzes and tests should be a clear indication of her understanding of the material.  Academic dishonesty is considered a serious matter and will be dealt with by the teacher and must be reported to the principal.