Please refer to your Handbook for grade equivalents and descriptions.

      All assignments are due at the beginning of class (printed, stapled if noted as such on the homework web page).  Homework is posted on my web site. Be sure to check the homework link daily. If you are absent on the day homework is due, it is to be handed in during the next class meeting in order to receive credit. Due dates will be adjusted for long-term illnesses or other justifiable mitigating circumstances on a 'per case' basis. Remember, YOU are responsible for opening the dialogue with me. I will NOT run after you for late work.

     Use ONLY your IHA student email to correspond with me ( If I receive your email, I will always respond accordingly. If you do not get a response, chances are the email (with any attachments) did NOT reach me. I respond to emails until 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, on Fridays until 3:00 p.m., and on Sunday evenings.

    Websites sometimes 'go down.' However, keep in mind that homework assignments and deadlines are given IN CLASS, so keep your agenda handy. Because of this, you are responsible for all work assigned REGARDLESS of technology issues.

      PLAN AHEAD. Save work under multiple formats. Most students find it handy to email essays to themselves as a back-up. Always be prepared to move materials into my Teach Folder electronically, if requested or necessary. Malfunctioning home printers are NEVER an excuse to hand a paper in late. If you have backed up your work, you can print it out in the Information Commons BEFORE the start of homeroom. (Remember, you are NOT allowed to go to the Information Commons at any time during homeroom period, for any reason. This is Mrs. Nudelman's rule.).

      Assignments handed in late will be accepted, but will lose 4 points per calendar day (weekends included).  Keep in mind that a zero received for missing work seriously affects your grade-point average. Hand all assignments to me; do NOT leave work on any teacher desk and expect that it will find its way to me!  There are 'mailboxes' on the wall outside Room 205 but use these 'at your own risk.' 

     All students will store corrected work in classroom folders. Tests, quizzes, and written assignments can be reviewed during class or after school in room 205 before unit tests, mid-terms, and finals. All student work will remain the property of the school. Selected writing samples will be passed on to your sophomore or junior-year English teacher.

      Quarter grades are based on:

Major tests, projects, oral presentations

Compositions & other assigned writing

Quizzes (including pop or unannounced)


Classroom participation (class work, activities, discussion, 'engagement')

                   Proper use of technology

            All students will receive mid-marking averages. Any student falling below an 80 (C-average) will receive a progress report and may have to attend the "70s Club" meetings run by the Guidance Department, whose aim is to help students 'get back on track."

        Honesty is expected. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.  All incidents of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Dean of Students and will seriously affect grade averages.  REMEMBER:  You are plagiarizing if you copy work and claim it as your own, OR if you allow others to copy your work (don't be a SAP--'Just say NO').