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Laptop Help
including connections at home and purchasing batteries or cases

Mrs. Susan Adamo
Mrs. Darla Addabbo
Mrs. Beda Barnes

Ms. Jennifer Bednarek

Ms. Geraldine Boland
Ms. Geri Braden

Mrs. Stephanie Brodeur

Mr. Leandro Caudilla

Mrs. Lori Cellini

Mrs. Maria Daly-Valls

Mrs. Jo-Ellen DeSanta
Mrs. Lisa Encke
Ms. Ana Felske
Ms. Mary-Elizabeth Wren
Sr. Margaret Gaffikin

Miss Lynn Gansley

Mr. George Hotz
Ms. Danielle Just
Mrs. Elizabeth Kearns
Ms. Sue Kenney
Mrs. Rosalyn Kim
Mr. Joseph Kuhns
Ms. Pam Lewis-Cantor
Ms. Stephanie Licata
Dr. Tamie Lieto
Mrs. Lynn Maltz
Mr. Kurt Mathews
Mrs. Michelle Mathews
Miss Patrice McDonough
Mrs. Edwina McGlue

Mr. Thomas McLoughlin

Mrs. Lauren Meyers

Mr. John Millard

Mrs. Lauretta Miller

Mrs. Lorraine Mongelli
Mrs. Christina Morin
Mrs. Jill Pecora
Mrs. Lisamarie Perini
Mrs. Patrizia Proscia
Miss Marilyn Rich
Ms. Berta Roldan
Mrs. Lourdes Sinkovitz
Mrs. Teresa Skjold
Mr. Jim Stayton
Mrs. Jamie Stevenson
Mrs. Deborah Suta
Mrs. Elizabeth Szydlik
Mrs. Cori Tucker
Mrs. Yvette Turner
Mrs. Rocio Vera
Ms. Shemayne Williams

Mrs. Jeannine Woolley

Laptop insurance:
Students need only renew theft insurance as you have paid for a more comprehensive 4 year Lenovo repair policy. 
 Theft insurance cost is about $40 /year.  Info at http://studentinsurancepartners.com
IHA does not have policy numbers. 

  Reimaging Directions     Incorrectly Named Laptops   

Rightclick My Compuer - Properties - Computer Name. If the full computer name is not your 8 letter code (ex 13SmiMar), you MUST rename your laptop.   Paper copies are available in room 121. 

To get "ticket" to Server1 - use account: IHA\temp2  - no password. If you cannot get to Server1, shut down completely & restart.  If you still can't get there see Mr. Hotz



Revised 09/25/2013