Immaculate Heart Academy School Year 2009- 2010
Geometry/ Algebra II Honors
Mrs. Cellini – Room 202






    In order to be successful it is important to be prepared and organized.  You will be expected to adhere to the following rules and procedures.

 Each day please come to class prepared as follows:

1.   Daily Procedure:  Students are expected to be on time, in correct uniform, and ready to begin class.  Notebooks, homework and calculators
    should be on the desk.  Students should begin working on the DO NOW problem which
     will be displayed.

2.   Materials: Math textbook, laptop (closed), pencils, colored pencils/pens for graphing, highlighter, graph paper, ruler, and a TI-84 plus calculator.  Your math textbook must be covered, (book socks or a sturdy cover is acceptable; contact covers are not acceptable).  Textbooks may remain home since we have e-editions.

3.   Math notebook: a spiral notebook with pockets for handouts, or a looseleaf binder to keep all notes, homework and handouts.  All classwork must be dated and done in chronological order. 

4.   Homework:  Since Mathematics is a doing subject, daily homework assignments are essential to learning.  Assignments will be announced during each class and posted on my website which can be accessed from the IHA home page.  Homework is your tool to verify that you understand and have mastered each of the day’s topics.  Homework should be completed as follows:  write out each problem from your textbook in its original form and show all work. Homework must be done in your notebook/binder immediately following the day’s lesson. Due to time constraints, homework may not be reviewed daily. If there are problems that the majority of the class could not complete, those problems will be worked out together. However, homework will be checked for completion periodically and count towards your homework/class participation grade. 

5.   Class Participation:   Class participation is a very important part of learning. Hence it will be part of your grade.  Please ask questions - it is only in questioning that you will understand all that you need to know.

6.   A good attitude.  Please try and refrain from leaving class unless of course it is an emergency.  This disturbs your classmates and interrupts the learning process.  Eating is not permitted in class at any time. (Water is allowed)



       Since each lesson in mathematics builds on the previous lesson, it is extremely important to attend all classes.  The pacing in honors classes requires that a new lesson be taught each day. If you miss a class it is difficult to follow the next lesson.  Please try not to be absent.  If it is necessary for you to miss a class due to illness or personal family matter, it is your responsibility to complete all assignments, including obtaining notes from classmates.  Please check my website for assignments. 



    If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you will be expected to take a make-up test the day you return, preferably afterschool.  If there is a problem, please e-mail me or see me before homeroom to arrange a more convenient time for both of us.  

    I understand that sometimes unfortunately a student may have a serious illness or a family matter. If you are absent for an extended period of time due to such an illness, please see me about making up the required work.  Depending on the nature and time of your illness, I will adjust make-up scheduling. 

*Remember, missing notes/assignments/tests/quizzes etc. are your responsibility. It is not up to me to keep track of your assignments it is up to you to make sure all of your class requirements have been met each quarter! 




Academic Integrity

Any form of cheating will not be tolerated.  Cheating is stealing and dishonest.  It is considered a very serious matter and will be dealt with as such.  Any student caught cheating on a test, assignment or project will receive a zero for that grade; the incident will be reported to the dean of students and parents will be called.  Any student who knowingly gives work to another student is as dishonest as the person receiving the work. 



Extra Help

Extra help is usually available after school from 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.  Monday- Thursday in room 202.   If I am unavailable for extra help due to professional meetings or personal reasons I will inform the class as soon as possible.   Extra help is given on a first come first serve basis.  However, extra help is not a private tutoring session. 

Remember it is your responsibility to obtain notes and complete all assignments. 
On the other hand, please seek extra help immediately when you are confused about any topic.  It is better to clarify concepts at the beginning.  Do not wait until the day before a test to get help. 



 Grading Policy:  There will be approximately two tests and two quizzes each quarter. Each quarter grade will be obtained by the following: 

                                            TESTS  50%
                                            QUIZZES   30%
                                            HOMEWORK/CLASS PARTICIPATION  20%  


E-mail:  If you need to contact me, please identify yourself with your full name and class in the subject line of the e-mail.    Please do not e-mail me with questions about homework.    These can be dealt with in class.                     


I am looking forward to a successful year of learning right along with you! MATH CAN BE FUN!