Algebra I Honors (5130)

Classroom Procedures and Guidelines

Immaculate Heart Academy School Year 2010-2011

Mrs. Cellini – Room 202



In order to be successful it is important to be prepared and organized.  You will be expected to adhere to the following rules and procedures.

 Each day please come to class prepared with the following:

1.      Materials:

·         Good thinking power (logic)/focus; a willingness to work hard.

·         A binder notebook; hole punch for insertion of worksheets or a spiral notebook with pockets for handouts

·         IBM Thinkpad; TI-84 Plus calculator

·         pencils, erasers, pens, colored pencils/pens for graphing, highlighter, ruler,

·         Your math textbook must be covered, (book socks or a sturdy cover is acceptable (no contact paper)



2.      Homework:  Since Mathematics is a doing subject, daily homework assignments are essential to learning.  Assignments will be announced during each class and  posted on my website on the date assigned.  Homework is your tool to verify that you understand and have mastered each of the day’s topics. To receive full credit, homework should be completed as follows:  write out each problem from your textbook in its original form and show all procedural steps. Do it directly in your NB immediately following the day’s lesson. You are responsible for learning how to do every problem. Since this is an accelerated course, homework may not be checked daily. If there are problems that the majority of the class could not complete, those problems will be worked out together. However, homework will be checked for completion periodically and count towards your homework/class participation grade.  If homework is completed on time and in this manner I will give full credit regardless of the answers you obtained!   


3.      Class Participation:   I take class participation very seriously, do not assume this grade is a given.  You must earn your grade, come to each class prepared with homework completed and ready to ask questions, they are a vital part of the learning process.  I welcome, encourage, and expect  active class participation.  If you have questions or observations regarding the topic we are studying or the previous class assignments please provide your input we will all benefit.  The study of mathematics is not a spectator sport you need to participate and practice in order to be the best that you are capable.


            (Please note: detailed notebooks and regular attendance are part of your class participation grade.  Class
                  participation grade takes into account your willingness to discuss and ask questions regarding the new     
                  topics we cover and how willing you are to help other students who may be struggling)


4.      A good attitude.  Please try and refrain from leaving class unless of course it is an emergency, this disturbs your classmates and interrupts the learning process.  Eating is not permitted in class at any time. (Water is allowed)


5.      AttendanceThe study of mathematics is a cumulative learning process. Each topic we study is built upon previous material. Regular attendance is extremely important, particularly, in an honors course where the pacing requires us to study a new topic each class meeting.  Frequent absences will affect your ability to master important concepts and learn new material.  Absences also affect your class participation grade!  I strongly urge you to make your best effort to come and stay in class each scheduled meeting.


6.      IllnessHaving impressed upon you the importance of attendance I do understand that we all get
sick or have the need to miss a class due to a family emergency.  I am completely understanding and tolerant of these situations.  If you do miss a class due to an excused absence it is your responsibility to make up all missed work.  Please make sure you have the phone number of a classmate you can call to obtain missing assignments and notes. Please remember to check my website dailyIf you are absent the day of a test/quiz you will be required to take a make-up version the day you return, after school, not during class!  Please make arrangements to stay after school the day you return if you miss a test. In the case of an extended absence we will work together to schedule make up work

     Remember, missing notes/assignments/tests/quizzes etc. are your responsibility. It is not up
     to me to keep track of your assignments it is up to you to make sure all of your class
     requirements have been met each quarter! 


7.      Academic Integrity: Cheating on tests or examinations is both stealing and misrepresentation.  It is considered a very serious matter; any student found cheating will receive a zero for the test/quiz/project/homework in which they cheated; any incident will be reported to the dean of students and parents will be called.  Please note; a student who knowingly gives her own work to another student to be used as the others own is as guilty of intellectual dishonesty as the student who plagiarizes. 


8.      Extra Help  Extra help is usually available after school from 2:00 – 2:45 p.m.on Mon- Thurs. in room 202.   However, due to faculty/dept. meetings, math league competitions or personal appointments I may not be available on a particular day. Please check that I will be available before making arrangements

**An important note,  extra help is not private tutoring; I must meet the needs of all my students.  Remember absences are your responsibility,  if you need extra help due to a missed class you must first make the effort to obtain notes from a classmate and make your best effort at completing the missed assignment.  If you still need help, by all means come and see me!   I encourage students who are struggling to come for extra help regularly; do not ignore your confusion, it will only make matters worse!  Please do not wait for the day before a test to come in for extra help; my class room is usually full the day before a test and it is not the right time to begin learning material!


Lunch is an important time in both your day and mine therefore I avoid extra help or makeup tests

during lunch periods.  We all need to eat and give our mind and body the chance to take a well-deserved break!


     9. Grading Policy:

Tests 50%                              Quizzes 30%               Class Participation/Homework: 20%


Quizzes are given on parts of chapters, tests at the conclusion of each chapter.  Given the structured nature of math,  
        much of this work is cumulative.


I do not drop any test or quiz grades and there are no retests!


           If a test or quiz is not made up within one week upon your return to school you will lose the opportunity to make
        up  that test


I look forward to a wonderful year of learning right along with you!