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Golden Rule for fixing you laptop:

Shut down and restart.  If the laptop does not want to shut off, hold the power button down for 10 seconds.

You can usually shut down stubborn programs by pressing option - command - ESC simultaneously.

If Internet does not connect, check your proxies and port or try another browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

 Students use proxies, 4, 5, 6 or 7.  Port 80
After 2pm, no sites are blocked
Teachers do not need a proxy server but CAN use one.

Student devices must be identified correctly with their 8 letter code (18SmiMar for example).
 MacBooks -Shared tab of System Preferences - 18SmiMar
iPads - Settings  - General -  About - Name - 18SmiMariPad

If some websites do not allow access (even Google), check your Date and Time (upper right) and fix if incorrect.
Secure sites will not trust you if the Date and Time is more that 10 minutes off.
If it seems that you cannot change the time, uncheck the box that says Automatically correct time.  Correct it then recheck the box.

     Finder Settings:

Rather than see a rather confusing collection of "All My Files" when you click Finder, change your Finder Preference (In Finder - click Finder - Preferences - General - New Finder windows show: ). Choose student.  This allows you to see folders differentiating your files.
  Music files are found inside Music / iTunes / iTunes Media
Pictures are found inside the Photo Library of the Pictures Folder

Instructions on how to reinstall IC printers:

In System Preferences - Print & Scan - Delete the IC Printer if it is there.
Click the plus sign to add a printer -  Choose the IP tab - Fill in the Address (or 72 or 73).
Click Add.  Agree with any configuration if it asks.


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